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What is it that Inspires you? For me, it’s Toddler diaries, I never thought I would write a blog, but I love writing about my little life, reviewing our favourite products and sharing our days with you all and all lifes ups and downs.

Toddler diaries with Megg, Rob, Grace, Ivy and Alfie is truly my own little passion project, gaining more and more traction each day. I hope you enjoy browsing my site and Learning all about our life with a toddler and baby , the good, bad and the ugly and what products truly inspire us and our days out / travels, :) 


Aldi Baby Event!

We were kindly asked to help create awareness of the Aldi baby event coming online Sunday 11th August & in stores Thursday 15th’ So So...

Sun, Sea, Toddlers and Pregnancy!

We went to Crete in May just gone with Grace and whilst 17 weeks pregnant and I thought I would share our experience with you! We booked...

You got it Mama!

Parenting is hard. No one will tell you any different its no walk in park, it comes more naturally to some than others but truth be told...

We're having a baby!!

we spoke about trying early January and we never really started trying as such but clear as day 24th February were 2 red lines on the...

Disney Land Paris March 24th 2019

So back in October we got an amazing deal with disneyland.co.uk rather than magic breaks ( I got the hump they wouldnt give me an agent...

A day in the life of a toddler

Between 7 and 8 am A little whinge followed by incoherent babble can be heard coming from Grace's room. I wait until she gets a little...

you are beautiful mama

Some mums bounce back, Some dont and some take a little time. There is nothing wrong with any these, we are all different and that is...

January Blues & Terrible Twos

I dont and never have liked January, Its like the Monday of the Months isn't it? Its dark, Cold and everyone is trying to get fit and eat...

Mums a shopaholic

I love shopping, Mostly for Grace I mean are you even a mum if your clothes are not three years old and your child's walking around in...

Everyone loves a birth story

Its taken a while to put it into writing, almost two years and It still gives me nightmares, I have never felt so let down by the people...

About us

So this is us! 'The Martins' Oh wait he hasn't put a ring on it yet so two martins and me. My name is Meggan (yes yes I know two G's) I...



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