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A day in the life of a toddler

Between 7 and 8 am A little whinge followed by incoherent babble can be heard coming from Grace's room. I wait until she gets a little louder and is clearly awake befor entering with "good morning beautiful" and she jumps up and down shouting "mimmy mimmy" ( yes that's no spelling mistake I am Mimmy and I actually prefer it to mummy or mam I was previously called) and she reaches her arms up for me to take her. I swing her around and she giggles before pointing to the window and shouting out everything she can see, car, slide, bird are just a few. I swiftly change her nappy before we go down for breakfast, Grace always has toast or a crumpet shes becoming a little fussy lately but still eats like a horse.

So breakfast goes down a treat and just as I sit to eat mine... "up mimmy" and shes tugging at my hand to get me off the sofa in which I have just sat and pulls me over to play with the babies or little people. This is all well and good until I try to get up and finish my breakfast or tea by which time is cold. Typical! Grace starts whining and tugging on me, I say No and she starts to tantrum, Rolling around like a wild beast on the floor before grabbing anything in sight and throwing it full force whilst screaming no. This is all by 10 am might I add.

We usually go out around 11 am whether it be a toddler group or the park or just to see family & friends. I take Grace to get dressed around 10 am and I consistently hear "No" every time I try to help her get into her tights or dress. "no mimmy mine" Okay fine do it yourself. I walk away muttering something but not loud enough to hear as my mini me parrot will be sure to copy. Once she has finished trying to dress herself she comes to me for help, I secretly love still getting her dressed and it makes me sad when she doesn't want my help anymore. We are finally ready to leave the house and I hear "poo mimmy poo poo" For the love of god now? really? it stinks so I swiftly change her and half an hour after the time we arranged to leave the house or meet up with friends we finally make it to the car.

"no no no" Grace screams and wriggles as I try get her into the car seat. Out comes the dummy and silence, she sits back into the seat and all is calm, for now. Just as I pull up outside Great Nanny's I turn to say we are here and she is sound asleep, We all know this next part too well, I sit looking like a lemon in car for a further 20 minutes whilst she naps because thou shalt not wake a sleeping toddler. Finally she awakens and before her eyes are even fully open shes tugging at her seat belt wanting to be free. We get out the car with the mum bag, Dolly and Grace's mini rucksack (she insists on it coming everywhere)

Great Nanny She She lives in elderly housing with a communal room and as we walk through Grace is stopped and adored by three lovely ladies and a gentleman, but instead of lapping up the attention MY child scowls and moves away from making that awful "urgh urgh" noise and clinging to Dolly shouting "mine My baby" I tell them shes tired and grumpy and we swiftly run to Nanny's. We spend 5 minutes at great Nanny's before Grace starts rolling around on the floor kicking because well actually I don't know why! Story of my life. Short lived as it was she soon starts cuddling and playing with her Nanny until she decided to get her own coat on and put her own shoes on then grabbing my hand and saying "mimmy go" and leading me to the door. Bye then Nanny!

We have another mini meltdown getting into the car - I wont bore you with those details but the beloved dummy came back out to play. Now this is a good day I thought to myself driving home, Only small tantrums and no food bribes needed? #winning

We got home and all my child wanted to do was raid the cupboards, Seriously she is never full! I finally got a little fed up of that game and stopped her going into the kitchen or near the fruit bowl which resulted in an almighty witching hour tantrum but that was nothing compared to dinner time! We fancied Tacos so Robert and I set the table and laid out bowls for salad, cheese and salsa then plated up tacos for the three of us. We all sat eating nicely until Grace started stealing cheese off our plates and the bowl and refused to eat her dinner. Robert told her to eat her dinner and tried to help her which resulted in her chucking EVERY plate of the table onto the floor and then herself. She began Shouting no no no before rolling around in the mess she had just created. I laughed so hard, I had to leave the room because although naughty it was hysterical. She is not even two until end of May! Robert tried to tell her off and get her to help pick up the cheese and bits of mince and salad that were scattered all over the floor, table, chairs, toys.

Once calm I returned to take little miss trouble for her bath in which she giggled and played so sweetly with me, I then got her all creamed up and ready for bed. She came downstairs to kiss Daddy goodnight and then I laid her in bed and asked Alexa to play twinkle twinkle little star on repeat. Thank God for Alexa!! Isn't she great?

That's a normal day in the life of a toddler, Grace may not be two but my god she knows what she wants and more importantly what she doesn't want! Terrible twos came very early for us! But despite being a madame and driving me up the wall or embarrassing me shouting "daddy" at any man with dark hair ( delivery men are the worst its mortifying have her run up shouting "daddy" I go bright red and have to apologise. ) I love her to bits, Shes my little doll and I wouldn't change her for the world, She gives me something to laugh about daily. Toddler stage is hard mamas and dads but laugh through it, enjoy the good days and write down the bad days to remind them one day what they will have in store when they have children of their own :D


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