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So this is us! 'The Martins' Oh wait he hasn't put a ring on it yet so two martins and me.

My name is Meggan (yes yes I know two G's) I live in Suffolk with my other half Robert and our daughter Grace who is coming up to 20 months - Two, my child is basically two I am so ready to drop the months and round up or down to year of age instead.

I am a 27 year old travel agent and have worked in travel since I quit University at 18 and went off to be a flight attendant for 7 years before falling pregnant and wanting a more stable home/work life. I now work for a local independent travel agency as a cruise consultant which has been fantastic and the free cruises are not too bad either :D

Me and Robert met in 2012 at a charity football match near Brighton, he was playing I was dragged along post flight still in my Easy Jet uniform to go and watch with my best friend who fancied on of the guys playing, I had a face like thunder but somehow met my future baby daddy ( there is hope for everyone!).

We had been together 5 years when Grace was born on 25th May 2017 and moved from West Sussex to Suffolk to raise her in the country side rather than the large town we were living in.

Robert works a bus mechanic in London and often works away 4 days a week - It sounds hard but It works for us, I actually rather enjoy my own space.

Grace is now a full blown toddler and pretty much the focus of this blog, to tell of our days the good and the bad of parenting a toddler, to review our favourite products and the best days out and toddler life hacks, Pretty much winging it here but its been a fun journey into parenthood so far and if I can help or inspire just one person with this blog then its done its purpose.

So that is us, enjoy!


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