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AD// Optimising with Optifast

Since having Alfie almost 7 weeks ago, life has been crazy busy with three children under 5 years old. I love keeping busy and the day’s are flying past so quickly by 2pm I often and stop and realise I’ve skipped breakfast and lunch again! Then comes the hunger bingeing on anything and everything I can grab between entertain the wild child toddler and settling the baby. So I’ve decided to make a change, I’ve stocked up on my Optifast

chocolate shake’s and chocolate meal replacement bars to ensure I am still getting the calories, Nutrients and Vitamins I need to maintain a busy lifestyle and run around after my three littles. The chocolate shake’s are great and super easy to make just mix with cold water following the instructions on the packet you can’t go wrong! And the bars are brilliant to chuck in my changing bag and have on the school run. It has made such a difference to my energy levels but also my weight, without trying I’ve managed to lose 3lb having a shake or bar for breakfast alongside two healthy balanced meals! I’d love to continue like this and hopefully lose a stone by August for our holiday.

If you pop to the website, choose your products and enter code “Megg30” at the checkout you can get 30% off to try for yourself! If your a busy mum like myself it’s well worth trying!

-megg xx


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