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Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Most Washing Machines have a quick wash, but can you really turn around the washing in a substantially smaller amount of time, without compromising on the quality?

We were recently sent the @bosch series 6 idos wifi washing machine by @ao to put through it’s paces and run some super fun tests, the main selling points of this machine are its 9kg drum perfect for medium sized families, it’s ultra quiet perfect of open plan living and it’s 15 or 30 minute washes and not forgetting its A+++ energy rating. The idos function means it disperses the right amount of detergent to water ratio so you never over fill or under fill on detergent again! Clever huh??

For me the quick wash is super important as a busy mum of two small children I use my machine twice a day and often need my wash loads dried and put away ready for the following day to keep on top of it all because if not I end up having to climb the washing mountain to get the girls bathed at night. My previous washing machine only has a setting of 45 minutes and then took another 5 before it let me open the door, it only has a max spin of 700 on fast washes so I then also had to spin the washing for a further 13 minutes meaning my fastest wash time was an hour so it was barely worth using it, I would use the normal 1 hour 30 wash and time it around my day to day chores which was exhausting.

Day 1 - testing the machine with dirty untreated babygrows ( no pre scrubbing)

So the series 6 idos fast wash on both 15 and 30 minutes does what it says on the tin, it actually suprised me because it washed and spun my clothes faster than the time it takes me to bath the girls, in fact faster than the time taken to tidy Ivys bedroom and put away the abundance of ball pit balls covering the floor.

The Bosch delivered exactly as it promised a fast wash with a high spin and produced clothes just as clean as if I had used a longer wash setting with a prewash. It removed stains I honestly thought impossible because I didn’t scrub or pretreat them first and my old washing machine wouldnt have removed those stains even on a longer 60 wash!

I tried to beat the machine, I tried and each time failed because it takes me longer to put the girls to bed than my 30 minutes fast wash, I thought I had bedtime sussed and was a pro but apparently the washing machine is the only pro in our household! I thought it couldn’t honestly deliver a crisp, clean wash that fast could it? So I’ve taken images to show you it did!! I put Ivys stained babygrow in the wash load before heading upstairs to put both girls into their PJs, bedtime stories and goodnight kisses, before I’d even finished the gruffalos child I heard thr machine beeping to alert me it had finished... So lets see how well it did?! Surely it can’t have removed spag bol stains on a quick wash... It did! Check the images for proof!

So day 4 and I’m utterly beaten by my washing machine, Well lets try a 15 minute fast wash whilst I do the preschool pack lunches and make a cup of tea. In goes the breakfast covered white PJs. Half way through pouring my Tea and “beep beep” it beat me again! And yet again another stain free, white babygrow comes out! I never need to use another setting again, the fast wash is unbelievable, this machine has changed my day to day routine so much.

I’ve set it up with alexa using the wifi function so now I tell alexa to turn on the washing machine and I feel like I’m winning at motherhood because at least one person in the house listens to me :) Rob would say the best feature for him is it’s so quiet you barely notice it’s on and with an open plan house it’s meant he can play his xbox and not have to close all the doors to avoid the rumbling washing machine noise. Grace loved to press the buttons so for me the best feature besides the fast wash is the childlock to prevent little fingers from delaying a well needed wash!

A huge thank you to @ao for letting us review this beautiful washing machine and for fitting it for us and removing our old machine, it’s been exceptional service as always, we highly recommend AO for all your electrical needs and the friendly staff that not only help you along the way but also fit appliances and take your old ones for scrap.


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