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Aqua Wipes

lets talk baby wipes! We have tried every brand imaginable but then I was sent Aqua Wipes and now I honestly cannot go back to other brands. Aqua Wipes are over 99% purified water, Bio degradable, Hyper allergenic, and vegan! They come in two different sizes - 12 pack handbag sized and 64 pack and can be purchased from Ocado, Boots, Amazon and more. Aqua wipes caught my eye firstly because of the awards they have received: Gold in the best baby and toddler gear awards and gold in the best eco friendly baby wipes awards as well as many others. Grace suffers with her Eczema as I have previously mentioned in other blog posts and we are always looking to find products to help and keep it at bay. We have been sing Aqua Wipes for a week now and I am totally converted, They are thick, soft and clean just as well as your favourite supermarket brand but are better for babies skin and the environment.

What did we like about Aqua Wipes?

I liked the packaging, Its simple yet effective I had friends ask me where I had got them from and show an interest when I had them out at the table for dinner after wiping up a very mucky faced Grace.

I like the wipes themselves, they are thicker than other brands and feel 'wet' not all wipes do and you struggle to get mucky chops and fingers clean but not with these, I found because they are thicker and more absorbent I have used less, Making them great value for money. I love that they are environmentally friendly and are gentle on our skin too, It is so important to use products that help grace's eczema not hinder it and Aqua wipes have a huge thumbs up from us, I also mentioned I was using them to our GP as we had to get some Hydrocortisone this week for Grace's knees and they said they highly recommend I continue to use them, they are used by the NHS in neonatal units which is a real achievement and just backs up my review.

Would I recommend Aqua Wipes?

Without a doubt, they are on my essentials list now along with our favourite nappy & skincare brand for the weekly/ monthly shop. If you are looking for a kind to skin and caring, ethical brand you really do need to give aqua wipes a try, there is a very good reason they are trusted, used and recommended by the NHS.

Where Can you buy Aqua Wipes?

You can buy Aqua wipes from, Amazon and Ocado.

Ocado currently have a promotion on Aqua wipes a box of 12 x 64 packs for just £20 reduced from £28.99 or £1.80 per 64 pack instead of £2.89. A huge saving compared to a similar rival brand I have no been converted from.

I hope you liked my review of Aqua Wipes, any feedback or personal reviews do get in contact I would love to hear from you. :)



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