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Grace has suffered with Eczema and dry skin since she was born, We tried almost everything from prescribed creams and bath oils to the latest brands in the supermarkets. My GP recommended Aveeno and I took a leap and decided to try the Aveeno soothing baby emollient range at the beginning of December and what a difference! I have finally found our go to product. It cost £8 for the emollient cream and £6 for the emollient wash, I honestly thought 'wow this best be worth it' and low and behold it was. Grace was sore from the knees down and we were back using the Hydrocortisone clear it up but once clear we started using Aveeno soothing baby emollient wash and Aveeno baby daily wash for her hair followed by Aveeno soothing baby Emollient cream. Within a week her skin was softer and its now been 6 weeks and no flare ups at all, usually she has a flare up as a reaction to certain bath products or lotions but nothing. Her skin has not been this soft in a very long time and I now swear by Aveeno baby products. If you want something that is highly fragranced then this is not the product for you as it is a very mild scent if at all, I have found the less fragrant the product the better it is and contains less harmful ingredients for those who suffer with sensitive skin and Eczema.

For any parents out their thinking of trying Aveeno baby products take the leap it really is fantastic, I am very honest and I have not been gifted to write this post or endorsed at all, I am writing it because I personally think this product is one of the best out their for our little peoples skin. My other Half Robert also suffers with Eczema and I noticed the lotions going down very quickly, I asked him if he had been using them and he said yes, he loves it as its lighter than his emollient and still leaves his skin feeling just as soft, I have bought him the Dermexa range daily emollient cream since and he said its brilliant, He suffers really bad with his arms being a mechanic he is always exposed to harmful chemicals setting his Eczema off.

So there you have it! not just great for babies but daddies too :)

check out the ingredients and other products at :


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