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Baby Kingdom Collection UK

We are always looking to try new skincare products on little Grace, hoping to find some that not only look after her delicate skin but also smell nice and leave her feeling pampered.

We were kindly sent a lovely parcel from BK Collection including their baby powder, 2 in 1 hair and body wash and baby lotion. All three items are Vegan friendly, Hyperallegernic and dermatologically tested.

I have been using all three products for a week now and would love to share with you all my thoughts. Firstly all three items came in beautiful packing, Grace loved playing with the cardboard tubes and it reminded me of Russian dolls. Each tube has the products ingredients and directions written on as well as the unique branding which is both chic and sophisticated. What was inside was even better, The baby powder amazed me as I have never seen baby powder in a spray bottle before, It was completely mess free and smelt like new-born babies. Grace loves me spraying the powder on her and she rubs it in herself and giggles before asking for more.

The 2 in 1 hair and body wash is huge! such a big tube it will last for along time so great value for money. It has the same scent as the baby powder and lathers up into soft bubbles, I may have even used a little myself in the bath.

The baby lotion is so smooth and silky, It also has the same scent as the other two items but this might have to be my favourite, I started using it on Monday as Grace was a little dry on her legs, I applied a small amount on her legs daily and this evening after her bath I was giving her a little massage with it and noticed her legs were baby soft again and I can only credit it to the BK lotions.

So what do I like most about BK Collection?

I like the attention to detail on the packaging, It is simple yet chic and luxurious. I adore the smell as it reminds me of new babies. I love that it cleared Grace's dry skin which means we can use it regularly as part of our bath time routine. I love small businesses and BK Collection is just that which gives it that personal feel and it is reflected within their prodcuts.

Would I reccomend BK collection?

without a doubt, I adore these products and will be purchasing more as soon as mine finish, I would love to buy some for baby shower gifts or new baby gifts.

Where can you buy ? starting from just £11.95

I hope you guys enjoyed this review, we are so very happy with our BK collection products and hope you like them as much as we did :) I loved my bubble bath this evening using the 2 in 1 hair and body wash, not just for the babies mamas.


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