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Baby Watcher

In July we were kindly sent the Baby watcher home ultrasound device to try and review. It came delivered by UPS in a yellow container which included a laptop, ultrasound machine & instructions as well as the jelly. I was suprised how compact it was and easy to carry around, I took it to my cousins party so all the family could have a turn helping us find the baby and watch it move and wriggle, which was great fun and everyone commented to say how amazing it was! It was so easy to set up and once I used my username and password to sign in it was ready to go!

It took a little getting used to at first and researching what we were looking at but that was all part of the fun. Robert and I had so much fun with Grace letting her use it on my tummy and watch her Brother or Sister wriggling around, We saw babies face, feet and hands and even tried to guess the gender. Grace is convinced shes having a sister!

We had the baby Watcher for 5 days and had 11 scans which would cost the equivelant of an early baby scan in the UK. I loved the concept and how it is delivered to your home and to return attach the UPS label provided and take to your nearest drop off ours was only 5 minutes away! Its a fantastic device for peace of mind or busy parents and for siblings fo join in, those family members who cannot make it to scans at the hospital and would love to join in the joy of a new baby.

I would highly recommend to anyone expecting a baby before 30 weeks pregnant, I was 25+ when we used it and saw baby pefectly clear !

You can find out more at @babywatcherchannel on Instagram or visit

- Megg


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