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Brush - Baby

We recently tried Brush Baby's sonic toothbrush and applemint teething toothpaste with Grace, She loves to clean her teeth and we had to share our review with you because this toothbrush is fantastic! Its basically an electric toothbrush with two head one for 0-18 months and one for 18-36 months which is the one we use. it has a 2 minute timer light that will go off to show when you should stop brushing. The bristles are super soft and the head was just the right size for grace. She loved that it looks and brushed just like mummy's and daddies as she is at that parrot stage of copying our every move. The applemint teething toothpaste tastes amazing! I would love an adults one, Grace was wanting to eat the toothpaste more than brush her teeth to begin with but I have been encouraging her with the sticker chart provided because what child does not like stickers! The teething toothpaste also contains camomile to sooth sore gums.

What did we like about brush - baby?

I liked that it was founded by a mum just like us who found it hard to brush her toddlers teeth... we have all been there! I love the ease of the products, the sonic toothbrush is fantastic because it cleans better than a manual toothbrush - we all know that from out dentists the importance of electric brushes as opposed to manual. It encourages our little ones to be like mummy & daddy, they think they have the same toothbrush and therefore copy and use it without a fuss. I like the light as a timer I think that it is very import and to install the time it should take from a young age, My mum was a dental nurse throughout my childhood and always taught my siblings and I the importance of oral hygiene from a young age and that is something I wanted to preach with Grace. I like the bright coloured packaging and the sticker chart, such a fun way to monitor our little ones progress. I like the applemint teething toothpaste as you can slightly taste the fluoride but its really fruity and also contains camomile to help with teething as it is a natural anti inflammatory. It contains less sugar than a lot of other toothpastes which is a hit with us so Grace doesn't keep eating it off the brush instead of brushing.

Would I recommend Brush baby?

Absolutely! the sonic toothbrush is a must have in my opinion and the advice leaflets and sticker chart that comes with it are fantastic, brush - baby have many other dental products including the famous chewable toothbrush so do take a look at their website which i will list at the bottom of the page.

Where can I buy brush baby sonic toothbrush & applemint teething toothpaste?

Head over to alternatively you can brush baby products in boots, Amazon, JoJo Maman Bebe and Mothercare.

Baby sonic toothbrush £8.99

Applemint teething toothpaste £2.35


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