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Bubzico soothing sleep owl

We recently were very kindly sent the soothing sleep owl by Bubzico for Grace to help with Nap times and bed times. We have used the owl ( Ollie) for a week now and would love to share our thoughts with you all. Inside the box contains the owl. batteries and instructions as well as a cute baby announcement card. As soon as grace saw 'Ollie' she cradled him and would not let me get close - typical when I want to take a photo of him first before he gets sticky finger marks and a chewed ear. The soothing sleep owl 'Ollie' plays white noise, lullaby's and projects stars onto the ceiling or around babies room to help them sleep and settle. He has a Velcro back to easily attach to a cot or anywhere safe. At first Grace liked to play with all the buttons but on day 2 I noticed she was cuddling him and fell asleep faster than she would have without him. Day 3 she wanted to nap because Ollie was in the cot so she tried to climb in with him and soon curled up to sleep. Day 4 at bedtime Grace didn't babble for 15-20 minutes before drifting off she was asleep within 3 minutes. Day 5 Grace woke startled in the night around 10 pm so I turned on 'Ollie's ' light and she soon settled. Day 6 and 7 Grace was napping with 'Ollie' within 5 minutes of being put down and within 2-3 minutes at bed time whereas she would usually babble, play in her cot, whinge and then settle after around 20 minutes so this is a huge improvement. Ollie often comes down with us in the mornings for breakfast, Grace will sit him at the table and pretend to feed him her cereal or toast its rather cute to watch, Ollie also has been allowed to ride in the dolls pram... big achievement not all the toys get to ride with the beloved dollies.

What do we like about the soothing sleep owl?

I liked that it is super soft and came with all the accessories needed to set it up, the batteries and screwdriver. I like that he is a friend for Grace as well as me :) He helps her sleep peacefully and settle whilst being a soft cuddly companion. I like the variety and choice of white noise and lullaby's there are so many to choose from. I love the lights, They even make me sleepy and want to curl up and watch them. I like the service and friendliness of Bubzico customer services and sales team, They have been super helpful from start to finish. I love that my daughter now settles and falls asleep faster without creating a little and stirring.

Would I recommend Bubzico soothing sleep owl?

Absolutely 100% to any parents to be or just parents looking for a reasonably priced sleep aid that is cute and cuddly too, The soothing sleep owl is half the price of some of the alternatives on the market and I would say it is well worth it! I will be using ours or purchasing the new penguin soothing sleep aid for our next baby, I wish I had tried it sooner.

Watching the pretty lights

Where Can I purchase the soothing sleep owl?

You can purchase him via Bubzico website or alternatively amazon UK

Bubzico are shortly releasing a new design which will be a super cue penguin! keep a look out on the above website or follow them on socials.

I hope you liked our review of the bubzico sleep owl,


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