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Car shopping & our top 5 family cars

Car shopping blows my mind honestly there is so much choice out there now for families, there’s Estate cars, SUVs, Large Hatchbacks or 4x4s and people carriers.

I have recently test drove and narrowed down the following cars based on our needs as a family of four with a large pram & also sometimes carrying a stroller in the boot too! These cars all have pros and cons and we have settled on the DS7 but let me talk you through them all.

The Nissan Qashqai. We currently own one of these vehicles the “large hatchback” as its not quite big enough to be an SUV. It’s sleek, Stylish and looks the part, Depending on Specifications there’s some nifty gadgets to have too although I never use the park assist, lane guidance or cruise control so for me my must haves in a family car are the cameras and sensors to avoid any dings and to make sure I can park with enough room to get the girls out. Our qashqai has this and its a dream! I love the simplicity of the qashqai interior and the dashboard its not space age or too dated. it fits two carseats nicely in the back with isofix connectors and its got a spacious boot With alot of depth! cons:

We have had alot of system faults with our and recalls and would recommend not buyung brand new but look at used. I don’t think you get alot for your money if I’m honest when you compare the price to others very similar they have more as standard rather than extras. No airvents in the back! Even with the aircon on it barely reaches the back so the girls sweat like mad!

The Hyundai Tucson. A beautiful, sophisticated looking car, a full SUV. Its slightly bigger than a qashqai and more luxurious feeling interior. The Premium SE ( top specification) has the automatic boot - I love this!! Makes mum life so so much easier just wave your foot below it or hand and it opens automatically! It’s got a lovely dashboar, all the mods cons! However even the lower specs have alot of included mod cons. Perfect for a family of 4 or 5! amazing sized seats, the backseats recline on some models, air vents in the rear and heated rear seats! I love the chrome grill on the front of the newer ones and the chrome touches

Cons: I personally couldn’t find many! I would say if youve driven a Qashqai, F pace or DS7 then test drive this it won’t feel as smooth and thst literally was our only downside‘ its a very lovely family car with a very long warranty and amazing reviews!

The Jaguar F Pace. This cars a beast! Its absolutely stunning and I’d take it in a heartbeat but it’s slightly out of budget for us but if your looking for luxury and want to pay less than a porshe ... here’s your SUV! automatic boot, large boot, luxury interior, its fast! Its sporty, its huge!! Its got the best sound system of all these cars mentioned. Lovely bright clear reverse cameras it was like watching TV! Cons: I couldn’t find any myself other than price brand new but some good deals used! I think it’s size might be a downer for me being so petite it was hard to adjust to it’s size and how much road it needs and the parking spaces.

The Vauxhall Grandland X. Oh this bad boy is a shy underdog, what a lovely family car! We actually were in the process of buying the 2020 arctic white with black roof in April but we had to decline due to our mortgage. It’s a lower price bracket than the others, it’s still got the tech, it’s got isofix front seats... game changer! Huge boot! Bigger than the Qashqai. I actually prefered the manual over the auto For smoothness, the auto top spec model I found didn’t drive as nicely as the manual mid spec. I loved the dash and interior on this car, I found the doors opened wider than the others too, Something very important when getting carseats in and out and something I always struggle with in the Qashqai. Cons: some tech is additional i.e/ parking cameras

The DS7 - This is our new beasty ( or we are in the process) It looks mean, it looks space age, it’s differen. You won’t park next to one at the supermarket or lose your car in a sea of mum cars at softplay. It’s unique! Its the french luxury equivelant of Mercedes and BMW. DS is fairy new and therefore not yet a household name but the DS7 SUV screams luxury even the basic model isn’t basic its so comfortable, the Dash looks like a wide screen computer its all got the diamond shaped lights that turn and twinkle when you start the engine ( they literally have 3 diamond shaped lights in each lamp that turn and swivel when the car starts and they look like diamonds)

It drives like nothing I’ve tested before, smooth is an undertstatement. The top model has the auto tailgate and rear and front cameras and sensors the mid range has the sensors and rear camera and the lowest ( perfomance Line) sporty little number only has sensors but It’s the model I like most its so nice looking! Cons: brand new theyre up there with the F Pace over 40k although amazing deals on approved used from 21k!!

So those are the ones I’ve personally tried and tested! I hope this helps anyone looking to get a new car or a bigger car, I’ve stolen the images off google to show you each car as us women often don’t know cars by names only what they look like haha!

any questions please feel to ask! This post was not endorsed by any of the companies and I won’t be getting a discount from DS for their review (although I should haha)

megg xx


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