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Cookie Dough Kids

We were recently sent a personalized dressing gown for Grace from cookie Dough Kids, which is a small boutique shop family run, Most of their items are custom made which is fantastic! Grace's Dressing gown is white and super soft with her name printed in metallic rose gold writing. As soon as she saw it she wanted to put it on and when her nanny came over she had to grab it to show her. It came in the prettiest pink packaging and delicately wrapped in pink tissue paper.

What did I like about Cookie dough Kids?

I liked that it is a small business, Run by a mum just like myself and a lot of love and effort has been put into the shop and it reflects on the items. I like the personalization of the clothes and accessories, It gives them a unique and custom feel. I love the colour white on children so this dressing gown really caught my eye! Its just as soft and snuggly as mine and my Grace loves it, She even posed for me to take a photo of her in it ( never happens with a toddler I usually have to get the bribes out) Delivery was super fast and Cookie Dough Kids were so helpful from start to finish, Even recommended the rose gold writing on the dressing gown instead of pink which was my first choice but I love the rose gold, it really stands out and looks pretty when the light hits it, it sparkles.

Would I recommend Cookie Dough Kids?

I would 100% recommend to anyone looking for something a little different and personal. The quality is great and packaging was beautiful, it came wrapped in pink tissue paper in a metallic pink padded parcel. When you buy from a small business you get the best care and service and I certainly felt it with Cookie Dough Kids.

Where Can I check them out and buy?

Grace's super fluffy dressing gown can be found at :

Be sure to check out the other items especially the Disney tops and birthday PJ's We Cannot wait to order our matching tops for Disneyland Paris in March :) Use Code 'megan10' for 10% off your first purchase!

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