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Disney Land Paris March 24th 2019

So back in October we got an amazing deal with rather than magic breaks ( I got the hump they wouldnt give me an agent discount) However the price we got from Disney we did not need any discounts! £500 Full board, 3 nights/days at the Cheyenne, Free Ferry included and all park tickets! Wow I know lucky buggers your thinking! The deals change in October from Half board to full board during off peak months so if your happy to leave it last minute then 100% wait and book in October for March. The weather was 15 degrees and nothing but sunshine it felt so nice to feel the sun again. We last minute we decided to change the ferry to fly with Easyjet for a small supplement as it would be easier and less tiring.

So Gatwick airport, my old home, how you disappointed me when I always sing your praises, The family security took an hour! a whole hour to get through whilst the usual channels took 15 -20 minutes... not impressed at 8am with a toddler who did not want to sit in her buggy and wait whilst all the assistance passengers and their many friends and family pushed in or every family left water & juice in their carry on luggage so had to be searched.... read the signs guys please!

Finally we arrived in Charles De Gaulle Paris Airport where we had to walk miles across terminals to meet the magic express bus - Express shouldn't be the word it took an hour so next time may take the high speed train which takes 9 minutes but only runs every 2 hours roughly.

We checked in our Hotel the Cheyenne, It is toy story, wild west themed and we loved it! only 7 minute walk to the park or 2 mins on the shuttle bus, The restaurant on site was actually the best we had during our stay the cheese board was lush! The staff were so friendly they gave Grace badges and stickers and really made a fuss of her calling her the princess every time she walked in. The room was large and they had laid out a cot and bedding for Grace and cute Disney toiletries in the bathroom, we had a bath which is brilliant Grace wont shower at all.

The Character Breakfast is well worth the pennies especially if you go in peak times as the character ques are insane, we were off peak and still 20 minutes to get a signature whereas at the character breakfast you can get 6 signatures and photos with Mickey, Donald, Daisy, Piglet, Tigger & Eeyore although I'm sure they rotate. We never got Minnie as her que was 50 minutes even at 8.30am during Extra magic time! So talking of extra magic time, If you book a disney hotel you get an hour every morning before the general public and other hotels to go on the rides you want and meet characters that are otherwise very busy during the day., Highyl recommend it for buzz lightyear ride & peter pans flight which had ques of 60 minutes in the day but 5 minutes at magic time.

The rides are mostly suitable for toddlers & above in Disney land we found them all rather small and some a little disappointing, Pinocchio was just plain scary. Our favourites were Pirates of the Caribbean, The Dumbo train (casey JNR) & its a small world. The parade starts around 4.30pm and is fantastic, try get a space at the front early when they are just putting the tape down it starts at the "its a small world ride" and makes its way down past the castle. Talking of castle don't forget to go under to see the dragon! loads of people forget to do this or dont know about it.

Restaurant's included in our full board... well we didn't book in advance and were left with the last choices which were pretty gross, The plaza near Disney main square entrance also where the character breakfast is, its just very bland and flavourless. The Agrabah cafe was very Moroccan and not to my taste or Grace's although Rob enjoyed his kebab me and Grace got hot dogs at a stand instead further up which cost £20. Lesson learnt to book your restaurants early using the app or online. Also if you can upgrade to full board + we will next time as it includes the steak house and a few others that have fab reviews.

We didn't buy a fast pass as it was off peak and we didn't need to the ques were 20 minutes most but in peak times 100% get your fast pass online or as soon as you enter the park.

Here's a top tip!! if your pregnant and have a maternity exemption certificate get down to town hall they will issue you a kind of fast pass but its time permitting so they give you a time slot for certain rides you can access without queuing for you and up to 4 others in your party. ( your welcome ;) )

The park really does cater for small people, They have a baby care centre right next to plaza gardens and the toilets where you can heat babies food, milk, change them, let them sleep etc. All toilets were equipped with baby changing and located in every area of the park so never a mission to find one. ideally take your own stroller the park ones are big heavy wheelchair looking things and cost a bomb to hire so not worth it.

The all important question did Grace like it? We think so, She laughed, she ran wild. she went on as many rides as we could fit in, She didn't like her photos being taken and stuck out her bottom lip to ruin those insta moments but she chanted 'mickey mickey' the 3 days and got excited every time we said lets go back to disney land in the mornings and evenings. She didn't like the fireworks, she usually likes them but I think the illuminations display was so loud and different it scared her. We loved it!! The lion king display was the best it was truly magical.

I personally don't believe there is an age too young for Disneyland Paris, It is catered for young children far more than Florida Disney World. Although Florida Disneyworld is by far my favourite and always will be, I cannot compare the both to me Paris is Brighton pier compared to Florida Disney :D but each to their own. We had a thoroughly lovely and tiring few days and will totally do it again when Grace is around 4 years old and baby is walking & talking and we will book the Disneyland hotel on site because you get macaroons in your room each night and afternoon the as well as private park entrance and character meetings in the hotel.

Best places to book??

Disneyland Paris direct personally or magic breaks because some travel companies may add commission on meaning you pay more than someone whose booked same package online , keep an eye out for those full board deals in October if you don't mind travelling in January to March or half board runs throughtout the summer months.

How much should I take?

We took 300 euro and spent the last 50 on memorabilia before we headed home, So all depends on your board basis really and how many of you there are. for an idea the fast food place cost 32 euro for 2 hot dogs and 2 fries ... The balloons are 10 euro each, small teddies are 20 euro and the flashing lights for night time are 15 - 20 euro also! The Breakfast was something like 21 euro each if not included in your plan and its pretty gross from the park or most resturant prices started from 25 euro per person upwards.

On a plus if your flying the flights only an hour and the shuttle is an hour so your in the park by noon you can drop your bags with the porters and head straight out, we were boring and unpacked first and had a nap :D Hope this helps at least one family looking to book! any questions please ask!


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