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Dream baby

We were very kindly set the ultimate potty training must haves from Dream Baby including a toilet training seat, potty and two step stool. The potty is brilliant brilliant because its a good height and the inner pot is removable to empty and clean without taking the whole potty. The toilet trainer seat is a great way to encourage little ones to sit on the loo like mummy or daddy, Grace loves it and climbs up using the two step stool and sits and has a 'wee wee' The products are of a high quality they are white with grey logos and look smart unlike some tacky potty training products on the market these look stylish in the bathroom and subtle, they are easy to clean and wash up beautifully. Grace is still potty training but we almost always insists on the potty for a poo, Its the wee wee's we are still getting around because she doesn't always tell me when she needs one so we are taking it slow and following her lead, I am confident she will be dry before her second birthday in May especially with these fab products.

What Did I like about Dream Baby potty training essentials?

I love the two step stool its so useful for washing hands, cleaning teeth and getting onto the loo, I have had so many people ask where I got it from because they are hard to come by in the UK. I like the potty training seat because its small and light so can be easily hid away when not in use and fits all three of our toilets perfectly although it mainly stays downstairs. I like the design of the potty, It sits higher than most and the inner bowl being removable is great as it makes it so much easier to empty out and clean. It is sturdy and doesn't tip or rock because it has a non slip bottom even when Grace sits on it or doesn't sit on it correctly should I say. I like the white & grey on all three products it is stylish ans simple.

Would I recommend Dream Baby ?

Absolutely, I have not found or seen better quality and priced potty training essentials anywhere! They are well made, simple and the price tag wont break the bank. I know ours will last throughout potty training and even be used with our next child. The two step stool get used daily and I could not be without it, If your little one is independent and sassy like Grace and wants to do everything by themselves then do buy one because they can clean their own hands without needing to be lifted, They can stand at the sink and clean their teeth or even just reach to see out of the window or climb up onto the toilet.

Where Can you buy Dream Baby products?

You can buy online at the stool is jusy £11.99 Potty just £10.99

or alternatively all three products can be found on amazon UK.

I hope you liked out review of Dream Baby - They do a lot more than just potty training essentials so do check out their website of Instagram/ Facebook. I will be doing a full potty training blog post once we conquer getting all the wee wee's in the potty or toilet instead of the floor :D



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