• Meg

Ethan the Fox

We were recently sent our very own Ethan the fox to try, Ethan is designed for teething babies 0+ and is just adorable! He makes the cutest little squeak when you squeeze him. He comes in a box with a lovely handmade label saying "thank you" for choosing him. As soon as Grace saw me opening the box she had to have him, she put Ethan straight into her mouth and starting chomping on his ears. She is currently teething and has cut her baby Molars which have given her some agro so Ethan could not have come at a better time.

What did we love most about Ethan the fox? He is adorably cute and gives a unique take on the traditional teething toys. We love that he is made of 100% natural rubber, He is brightly coloured which is a great sensory feature and finally we love that little squeak he makes when you squeeze him, Its a little personal touch making him a toy as well as a teether. Grace has not put him down since she first met him and he even gets to ride in the dolls pram! lucky Ethan!

Would we recommend Ethan? Yes, I would buy Ethan as a baby shower gift to any new mum, I think he is a must have for any baby teething.

Where can you buy Ethan? just £13.99 you can even add a little personal message to be sent out with him.

Grace chomping on her Ethan the fox


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