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Fizzy plops

We were recently gifted fizzy plops by Mini-U for kids to try and review. First things first I did a skin test on Grace as she does suffer with Eczema and I really did not want a flare up. They passed with flying colours, Wahoo!

You get nine little fizzy plops in a pack,which is great value, the blue one is blueberry, pink is melon and green is kiwi. They smell really fruity when you open the packet, I tried the Pink First it fizzed up so fast and left the water a pale pink which was pretty. I then added a blue to see if it would turn the water purple, It didn't quite go purple but it was so bright and smelt so much stronger than the pink melon . Blue was a personal favourite with Grace who kept trying to touch it as it fizzed up and dissolved.

The best part about them is that they dont leave a mess, They didn't stain my bath at all which is bright white or leave a line of colour, or stain my child (thank goodness)

Would I recommend to a friend? Absolutely! I think they are brilliant, Especially for little girls that like a little pamper or to copy mummy and little boys would love the green and blue.

Mini-U for kids dont just make these lush bath fizzers they also make hair styling products for little boys and full size bath bombs and bubble baths, all of which are made with natural ingredients and created for children.

Here's to no more boring bath times, Enjoy :D

Blueberry fizzy plop

Do take a look at for their full range of products.


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