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Hargreaves Hems

We were so very kindly sent beautiful hand crafted bunting and a Taggie from Hargreaves Hems this week and would love to share with you all our thoughts. It came in in gorgeous packaging, pink tissue paper and pretty stickers saying 'happy post' we all love happy post dont we? Inside each item was carefully wrapped and folded perfectly. Firstly the bunting was vintage floral and pink fabrics with the letters spelling out 'Grace' on each triangle. It has been so carefully made, every stitch is perfectly symmetrical with the next. I put the bunting up straight away across one of the shelves in Grace's nursery and it looks adorable. some of you may have already seen it in my feed and Instagram stories I couldn't wait to share it.

Secondly the Taggie, It is baby pink velvet with embossed hearts and different shade of pink satin tags. Grace adores it and loves nap time cuddling her Taggie and stroking it saying "pretty pretty"

What did we like about Hargreaves Hems?

I love that they are a small business, making unique and personal items, be it cushions, Taggies, bunting or even blankets. I like that they are super friendly and helpful and the passion and care put into each item really shows. I like the colours and fabrics on offer, there are so many to choose from again keeping them unique and bespoke. I love the packaging, It is the little details that really stand out to me like the stickers and how carefully folded each item was before being wrapped into tissue paper and sealed.

Would we recommend Hargreaves Hems?

Absolutely!! If you are looking for a unique and personal item for a

babies nursery or a child's bedroom or even just your living room head to Hargreaves Hems! I will be purchasing from Hargreaves Hems in the future especially for baby number twos nursery or a friends baby shower gift.

Where can I order from Hargreaves Hems?

You can follow Hargreaves Hems on Instagram, Facebook

Alternatively their brand new Etsy Page:

Grace loves her Taggie

I hope you like Hargreaves Hems as much as we do, Do give them a follow and like on Instagram of Facebook and show this small business lots of love and support they truly deserve it.

- M


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