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Ivy Ferns birth story

There really isnt much of a story behind Ivy’s birth, I had chosen an elective C section at 37 weeks and was given 31st October as our “time” My slot was 7am but once we had checked into the ward and done all the checks and met all the important people We were told that our Section was going to be delayed because the hospital had to postpone all elective Cesaereans and inductions due to a lack of beds in NICU and they like to have beds available ”just in case” which after having one poorly baby who needed NICU we were grateful our hospital took this decision and felt very well prepared although being nil by mouth and waiting around all day was exhausting! At 5pm we started watching mary poppins 2 on the hospital tv as we had a private room it was lovely and typically just as we got into the film 2 theatre assistants came into the room and said “right lets go, wheres a midwife, we need a midwife” and off we went they wheeled me down on my bed, rob following and on the way out of the ward they fetched a midwife the lovely Pauline and we went up to the 8th floor. The midwife and theatre assistants were all cracking jobs and telling us about what a week it had been and how so many of the babies born in October were preemies and how the hospital were turning labouring mothers to alternative hospitals such as Colchester and Bury St Edmunds, they said they deliver on average 6 babies a day but throughout October it had been 13 babies a day! once we reached the 8th floor I felt so nervous, Ive had an emergency C section I kept telling myself, you can totally do this just relax, laugh at the silly jokes being made, smile, breathe. as soon as we reached out theatre room I was ushered off the bed and shown the position for the aneasetist to administer the spinal and if felt like I had only been in the room seconds before it was in, It didnt hurt, and suddenly everything was going numb and I was laid flat, more people filled the room each and every one of them coming to introduce themselves before someone asked “where is the surgeon?” ...

This man suddenly bounds into the room and they all laugh and clap and it began, I felt pulling and slight tugging but nothing uncomfortable, I kept looking at rob and squeezing his hand, we kept guessing boy or girl, 7lb or 8lb? and there it was the loudest screaming baby ive ever heard, and Rob turned to me teary eyed and said “its a girl” I had to ask again and the ladies and gents in the room confirmed its a girl! Rob went to go and see her and cut the cord before she was placed on my chest for the remainder of the operation, She screamed and Screeched until she was laid on my chest then silence, she just kept trying to open her eyes and look at me whilst desperately nuzzling for milk. She was still laid on me whilst we were wheeled into recovery and I was propped up so I could feed her, we chose to bottle feed but shortly afterwards little miss found her own way to my nipple and latched, I let her stay there whilst we were taken back to our little room on floor 3 I just could mot stop staring at her she was so perfect and so tiny, we were told to prepare for a 9lb baby but she was just 7lb7 and so scrawny no clothes fit her and her nappies came up to her chest!

We were always set on calling a girl Elsie Olivia but for some reason she just suited Ivy and we asked all the staff for middle names and finally came up with Ivy Fern Martin and it fit her little face and personality. We facetimed my mum in recovery so Grace could meet her sister and she said “aww can I hold her” which was the sweetest thing! Grace has said my entire pregnancy it was a girl in her mummys tummy, and she was right! Clever girl, Ivy was born at 18.30 so too late for visitors but Grace and my mum and nanny came up the following day and had cuddles and bought Ivy smaller clothes bless her. We were discharged on 48 hours later and started our new chapter as a family of four! I honestly could not thank Ipswich hospital staff enough they were all so kind, so welcoming and so caring and made the whole experience so happy and positive after Grace‘s traumatic birth and awful treatment by East Surrey Hospital it restored my faith in the NHS, My midwife was a saint and the nicest lady I could have asked for throughtout the 9 months and the lovely Pauline who bought or helped Ivy into the world was also just as sweet and kind, Not one person judged my decision to bottle feed or tried to change it or belittled me in any way shape or form like ESH had done, They just supported and trusted my instincts as Ivys mother, No dragging me out of bed for walks or to a canteen for breakfast or demanding I get up so they can change my sheets, Rob was allowed to stay the nights and they made him up blankets and cups of tea even offered him

toast wheras ESH sent him home straight after my emergency section and Grace being rushed to NICU. I am still in the newborn bubble and my heart is so so full of love for my girls and Robert, If anyone reading this is considering a C Section please dont be afraid, its still a beautiful way to birth a baby, I have the most incredible images taken by the theatre staff and they were so funny and the entire atmposphere was just relaxed and nothing like the clinical cold room you imagine, you can ask for a gentle c section and have baby placed on your chest with the cord still attached if your hospital agrees and choose music you like too!

I just want to thank everyone for their kind wishes, messages, cards and gifts we truly are very blessed.


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