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Hey hey! So Childcare, its a struggle being a workig parent and the biggest decision to make when you choose to return to work is what childcare route to take. Grace was 9 months old when I returned to work and I Didnt do my research I just plonked her into the local Nursery which was nice luckily! but I Still thought about her all the time and the slightest bump or incident had me worrying, plus there were days the Nursery had to close for training and I was left at a loose end, So exactly one year ago today I downloaded the app and signed up to find alternative childcare options for when Nursery closed. I typed in my Postcode and explored childminders in my local area and thats how I met Mandy. I read the reviews from fellow parents and her ofsted rating and I messaged to find out more, Robert and I went over one afternoon and she discussed with us her approach, we read her portfolio, she gave us a usb to take home to help make a decision and Grace went for a taster day and loved it so it felt right in that moment to take her out of Nursery and into Mandys care. I cannot begin to describe to you what Mandys like other than sent from heaven! She is 1 in 7 billion and was born to be a childminder she has helped Grace develop and shape into such a clever little girl, She sends me videos of Grace and photos whilst I am at work and takes her nice places or walks to the park, beach, farms. She even throws each child a party for their birthday with cake and a bouncy castle As well as the awesome Christmas party she put on for all her children & their parents plus buys each child a gift, She even bought Ivy a gift, Hired a hall, and a Santa!

Changing Grace’s childcare did worry me, Nursery was all she had known and we had our little routine but after a few weeks we found a new routine and not only did Grace see Mandy whilst I worked but I could call upon her help for an hour here or there if I had appointments or just wanted an afternoon to myself which sounds selfish to some but honestly she has so much fun and loves seeing her friends it does us both the world of good to have our own space and time apart plus I spent most of 2019 pregnant so I had many boring hospital appointments and midwife visits.

I went on Maternity leave end of September and we decided although I have a year out of work we would still like Grace to go to Mandys on her set days but just reduced hours so she still sees her friends, still has her time away and also continues to learn and thrive. The best video I have was one Mandy sent to me of Grace counting to 10, She has helped us toilet train Grace too and with her tips Grace was dry shortly after turning two years old.

I would recommend Mandy and the thousands of other “Mandys” out there a million times over, download the app and just search and view your options, from childminders, nannies, doulas, private nurseries and public pre schools there is bound to be the right choice for you & your child.

Its the hardest decision we make as parents and then

it is what school to send them to and what secondary school and what university or college, all these big decisions in our childs lives we have to make and support but with sites like this its made that little bit easier, Choosing who to trust with our babies is by far the hardest part of being a parent but watching them grow & thrive with someone else is something really special, the bonds and friendships they create from such young ages through socialising and interacting with others.

I already have Ivy down to start with Mandy next September when I return to work and Grace will be at the Pre school attached to the Primary school I wish for her to attend because its a tiny church of England school similar to the one I went to and loved plus she is better suited to smaller groups and more one on one time.

Any questions please just drop me a message! I hope you all find the best childcare for your little ones and do try :)

Have a fab Christmas and a happy, healthy new year!



** All photos used were taken by Graces childminder or Nursery ** **sponsored post in partnership with **


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