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Updated: Jan 7, 2019

I love shopping, Mostly for Grace I mean are you even a mum if your clothes are not three years old and your child's walking around in the latest season at Next :D

I do shop around and try find the best deals and prices on Grace's clothes, here's a few of my favourite shops and why, I have tried to be as honest as possible.


The quality is one of the best on the high street for little people, the sizing is generous and most items wash up well. My favourites at the moment are the rainbow prints, Denim dungaree dress's and rainbow tops and tights!

Ted Baker

Baby baker items are just gorgeous arent they? I love that you can now purchase direct from Ted without paying postage although Debenhams have a wider range and we all have a local Debenhams dont we! I dont love the quality, honestly for the price I find it rather disappointing the dresses bobble, or the bright colours fade, But they still make gorgeous occasion outfits and brighten up a room.

George ASDA

I love George! Its hit and miss with quality but the price is spot on for the garment. The fit is pretty much accurate, I recently bought some cute Minnie mouse dress's and leggings for our trip to Disney land in March.


Again another supermarket brand that's one of the best, the sizes are true, Quality is good and I am loving the bright jumpers at the moment and pretty floral embroidered jeans in the baby section. I recently bought Grace a mermaid swimsuit for her swimming lessons ans cannot wait to get a snap of her in it only £7 too!


Although a little pricey, M&S baby and toddler clothes are so well made, and the sizing is slightly on the larger side so lasts a little longer. I recently bought a unicorn jumper dress and its fab, we have had so many comments on it.

Cath Kidston

Oh my goodness how beautiful are those florals! I have always had Cath changing bags and recently bought an oversized handbag to use as my mummy bag and its just so pretty, I also got Grace her own mini Cath rucksack for the child minders and when she goes to my mums on Saturdays. When they have a sale on grab yourself a bargain changing bag or mummy handbag ours were £10 and £28 so well worth the wait.


clarks baby and toddler shoes are the cutest! those diddy feet stomping around in their first walkers, I love the Clarks weave and crown honor shoes I think I have them in all colours for Grace they are perfect for wide feet, Grace is a 5.5G and growing like a weed lately, I did resist buying any more this sale season though which i am proud of :)

Newborn and Toddler Must Haves

When Grace was a baby I lived for baby events and always stocked up on my nappies mostly Aldi Mamia branded nappies and wipes or Asda Little tots.

My must have New

born items would be the Sleepy Head Deluxe - Grace was not much of a day time sleeper but the sleepy Head was brilliant at settling her when I needed to get on with housework or just take a shower and I later used it when transitioning her from the co-sleeping crib to her cot.

Snuzpod - The Snuzpod next to me crib was brilliant, It meant i could just sooth Grace without getting out of bed unless to make a bottle with the prep machine at the other end of the room (lazy I know) Grace slept in her Snuzpod until 6 months old and then went straight to her cot without much fuss. I found it helped me feel less anxious as well about anything happening to her in the night as she was right next to me.

MAM bottles - although Grace never suffered with Colic they were brilliant for on the go as you can sterilise them in the microwave between feeds, I was always out and about with Grace as a baby and rarely at home so his was brilliant.

Tommee Tippee perfect prep and electric steriliser were my god sends! I had no plans to formula feed and never even knew how to make a bottle until the day the health visitor sent us out to get formula, What a minefield? which formula do you even buy? We went for Aptamil and later changed to Mamia as its almost identical ingredients but half the price. The tommee tippee prep machine was ordered that same day on amazon prime for next day delivery and it changed everything, no more waiting for the kettle to cool down or the milk to get to the right temperature. The electric steriliser was just so easy and could fit so much in it, Even the mam bottles went inside it.

So what are my toddler must haves?

Pampers premium protection nappies no leaks, even at bedtime with a wiggly worm for a child who drinks like a fish.

Nuby Cups

Non spill 360 is best but also the incredible gulp unicorn print is fab for on the go, No spills and can withstand an angry toddler throwing them full force onto the floor because it contains water not juice (story of my life)

Still using Tommee Tippee dummies although only at bed and nap times for comfort, I would like to try and get her off them by the summer but that's a whole other story.

Nappy Sacks - Toddler poop stinks! Bad! recommend any that are fragranced.

Snacks! always carry little bribes in the way of snacks for when your Toddler has an absolute meltdown in Sainsburys for no other reason than she wants to bite the bananas in your trolley and your not having it today. In the event of these meltdowns I carry Yoyo Bear fruit chews or Ellas kitchen Puffs

Aveeno Baby emollient and Aveeno Eczema therapy are our must have bed time lotions. I have tried and tested a lot of products even been gifted a few from companies on Instagram but we have found Aveeno are the only ones that work for Grace as she can have rather severe eczema flare ups with some products especially those that are highly fragranced.

I love to hear and see others must have items as its always interesting and worth trying new products. We went so overboard when Grace was born with the latest must have items and honestly she barely used any of it. Hated her swing chair, never used the carrycot part of her pram ( Such a Waste we have the Mamas and Papas Ocarro in grey and its just so beautiful) My advice to any new mums and dads would be not to go too crazy, wait until the baby is born for a lot of things like swing chairs and play matts and see what they like first in the shops, Stores like Mothercare, Smyths and Mamas and Papas let you try before you buy which is great.


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