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Munchy Seeds

Munchy seeds originated in New Zealand 25 years ago and were started as a family snack/treat by a Granny and Granddaughter. The Granddaughter later moved to the UK and started manufacturing Munchy seeds and grew the business to what it is today. They produce all kinds of tasty treats both sweet and savoury and we were lucky enough to be sent some to try. I decided with it being valentines day this week I would make heart shaped cookies substituting chocolate chips for the honey seeds and they were fantastic! The honey seeds are super sweet and are tasty on their own as well as added into baking, or on top of fruit. Munchy Seeds are not just for adults but also children of all ages and make a great alternative to sugar packed treats.

What did we like about Munchy Seeds?

I like that it is a family run business and built upon with passion and love. I like that they cater for all ages and stages and its fun introducing the different seeds and flavours to my daughter we love baking together so it is a fantastic way to substitute chocolate and other sweets for seeds. I love the packaging its bright and colourful and entices you to find out more about the product and brand. I like the website, There are some fantastic recipes and ideas as well as meet the team and the story behind Munchy Seeds which is well worth a read so do take a look

Would I recommend Munchy Seeds?

I really would recommend you check out the website and see for yourselves the different ideas to snacks and meals as well as fun baking ideas you can do and involve the children. Me and Grace made our heart cookies together and had so much fun getting our hands sticky and nibbling on the honey seeds.

shortbread cookies made with 150g plain flour, 100g butter and 50g sugar mixed with honey seeds & a teaspoon of honey and sprinkle of cinnamon powder.

Where Can I buy Munchy Seeds?

you can buy online at: They also appear at local fairs and shows so do keep a look out, follow them on IG, Facebook or Twitter. I would definitely recommend trying the starter pack for just £2.50 you get a selection of 5 to try before ordering your favourites :)

You can also purchase from Tesco free from range, Ocado and amazon naming a few.


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