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My most useful baby items

Updated: May 7, 2020

There are so many beautiful and wonderful baby items out there on the market and it’s so hard to know even as a second time mother what will be useful and what would not be. I am extremely lucky in the fact I have been able to try and review baby items and this is why I am writing this for you, to showcase the items I have found to be the most innovative, useful and that I would

buy again.

Firstly a baby needs a place to sleep! I have the CBX

Hubble Air, a co-sleeping crib that attaches to the side of our bed and my goodness is it useful! post c section it made scooping Ivy into my arms so much easier and I didn’t have to keep getting out of bed which was very painful in those first 2 weeks of recovery. I found it super easy to set up, easy to move and even now at 6 months I think Ivy has enough room still to enjoy it for at least 2 more months! There are many brands of next to me crib like this, I have tried three popular brands and this being my favourite and best priced of all three!

I chose to bottle feed Ivy and so every bottle feeding mama needs a prep machine! This was not gifted I bought this the moment we left the hospital and I made that all important decision to stop breastfeeding. The prep machine makes the bottles to the correct temperature for baby to consume straight away and takes a minute or two they are a real life saver I still use mine now, and my electric steriliser by Mambaby to match my bottles - I swear by Mam anti colic bottles and dummies I used both with Grace and Ivy and they are just brilliant and can be self sterilisisd in the microwave!

THE most exciting part ... Prams! I took over 7 months to choose a pram for Grace I couldn’t make my mind up and then I found the mamas and papas ocarro and I fell in love and we bought it! I loved every thing about it but then I found the ABC Design whilst pregnant with Ivy, I it’s a German brand of prams and strollers and my

goodness are they something else! I’ve tried most prams on the market but the Salsa Air is just incredible, it glides honestly the suspension on it is so powerful, it folds so easily, its not heavy, it fits in the boot of a nissan micra and the handle is high enough for the dads! The basket was a huge selling point for me it’s massive! Honestly I am not just bigging it up because I was kindly gifted it by ABC Design I genuinely adore it! I get asked so many questions about it and everyone who has pushed it fell in love!

Baby chairs, there’s hundreds right?! Why so many types? Do you need all type of baby chair? The swingy ones, the up & down ones, the musical ones... The answer is no, however I have the Graco allways soother which is a fantastic device its so modern and Ivy adores it, it has numerous features to move up, down around to mimic movements, plays music & more! It soothed Newborn Ivy into a deep sleep everytime.

I also have the Baby Bjorn bouncer bliss, these swedish chairs are well known for their design and support for newborn upwards, They have been around years and are loved by most, I certainly love ours its great to take with us to family’s houses if we plan to stay a while or to take

upstairs whilst I have a bath, Ivy loves it now she can make it rock herself by kicking her legs she finds herself very amusing!

Lets talk about carseats, there are so many on the market its a minefield and likely if you buy a travel system you will get one included, with Grace I had the Maxi-Cosi Cabriofix and Isofix base it was perfect it had adapters to click onto my Ocarro and it was nice and lightweight. This time I was going to get the Maxi- Cosi Rock - their new I size carseat but I saw a carseat that topped all carseats, I saw something called a Doona. This carseat has built in wheels that pop out at the click of a button to turn the carseat instantly into a little pushchair without waking or moving baby at all. The wheels fold back in just as easily and honestly I was blown away I had to have one! It is still one of my favourite buys to this day and I will be keeping in case of a baby 3. These retail around £270 for the carseat only or £400 mark with the isofix base, I didn’t get the isofix base its heavy enough and sturdy enough, It has amazing safety testing and reviews and it made life post C section so much easier No lifting heavy carseats around! For Grace we have a Graco slimfit LX which is also from birth, it rear faces until over two years of age or reached the correct weight, Carseat safety is something I do feel strongly about and would always recommend reading a carseats safety testing and Graco have one of the best!

So thats the big things out the way, the little things I love are:

-Shnuggle bath - brilliant! -Rockit rocker - attaches to your pram and gently rocks it amazing device

-Nuby nursery range is beautiful the penguin nightlight and play gym are gorgeous and so affordable we also love nuby for weaning products but thats a seperate blog coming very soon, the Nuby UV dummy steriliser is a must have Total game change!

- Kokoso baby coconut oil and aveeno baby are my top bath products for babies especially for their precious skin

- Infantino baby carriers are a big yes from

me, I struggled to find a comfy one when baby wearing Grace but my Infantino baby carrier has been so comfy and supportive

- Mokee mini cot is beautiful I am looking forward to Ivy going in it soon once we move and I can get her Scandi style nursery back up in the new house.

- The little Green Sheep have beautiful Nursery bedding and accessories I love their new wooden play arch

-Snuz sleepbags are a game changer with the flap that opens for late nigh nappy changes!

Favourite baby shops? Well we didn’t find out we were expecting a girl and I found the best Unisex clothes in TU sainsburys and Next, and once we had a little girl? TU still is my top baby shop, Nutmeg ( morrisons) a very close second very reasonably priced and lovely quality, Next for babygrows everytime, Matalan for pretty outfits and dresses, and F&F for abit of everything! This mama loves highstreet and supermarket brands over high end designer anyday because they really don’t wear them enough, I over bought with Grace and she wore nothing of it, or wore every outfit just once and thats so wasteful, you definately see sense second time around and only buy what you need, Ivy still lives in babygrows at 6 months I missed that so much whem Grace got to her first birthday my biggest regret was not letting her be little longer and letting her be in babygrows and snuggly blankets and booties instead I had her in dresses and tights and shoes.

I hope this helps lovelies! Any questions please just shout! Drop me a DM or email is on my Instagram page :)

Huge thanks to @abc_designuk @graco_uk @wearemokee @babybjorn @mycbx @nubyUk @mambaby_uk for letting us review your items and your continued support! *items from

these brands have been gifted for review

take care




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