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My Second Trimester with Proceive® Pregnancy vitamins

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Looking after yourself and baby during those all important nine months is every mum

to be number one priority. Those first few months can be exhausting and the changes our bodies go through to accommodate and grow a new little life is incredible. During this time it’s important to look after you and your baby. During pregnancy your nutritional requirmwnts requirements increase and change the pregnancy process.

I discovered Pregnancy vitamins and supplements early on in my pregnancy and I am currently taking ProceiveTrimester 2 Pregnancy vitamins. I have been taking them for a few weeks now, I’ve noticed an increase in my energy levels and I’m suffering less with fatigue. Proceive® Pregnancy range are tailored for each trimester as your nutritional needs increase and change. They support you from your first to third trimester and contain no fillers, binders or preservatives and are gluten free also! They contain the recommended 400ug of folic acid in the L-Methylfolate form for increased absorption.

I have created a little routine to help me remember to take my vitamins and make sure to take them every morning after my breakfast and is now part of my day to day routine it’s become as second nature to me as cleaning my teeth before leaving the house or bed. The Procieve® range also includes an Omega 3 Supplement which is so vital for babies’ development. Omega 3 contributes to the development of their brain, eyes and heart! The Proceive Omega 3 capsules contain 600mg of EPA and 400mg DHA.

The best thing about Proceive Pregnancy vitamins and Omega 3 capsules for me personally is that I no longer feel lethargic and fatigued like I have done in previous pregnancies, and I have the peace of mind that my baby is getting all the goodness he needs whilst growing beautifully healthy and strong inside me. If you’re in the conception stages of your fertility journey, Proceive also have a range tailored to help support men and women on their conception journey.

You can purchase the entire Procieve

range from their website and Holland and Barratt.


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