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My Vbac After Two C - Sections!

Alfies Birth Story ….

I made it pretty clear from day 1 I wanted to try have my baby boy Naturally known as a Vbac ( Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) but with two previous C-Sections I found most of the consultants had something to say or weren’t too hopeful and urged me to look at uterine rupture and other such risks. I did, I researched, I prepped my mindset to block out all past negative and traumatic birth experiences and words that triggered me into a “should I just opt for a final C section” panic. Week 40 came and went … Where’s this baby? I had to push hard for the consultants to allow me to continue my pregnancy past 40 weeks but they weren’t at all happy to let me go past 41. I had sweeps booked,I got excited, today’s the day I thought… “Sorry we have to cancel the hospital is too busy “ I heard this 3 times and each time felt so deflated.

On the 20th March I went to the hospital for reduced movements for the 3rd time and was given a sweep and told I was almost 3cm and the midwife was confident it was a success or would be and to go home and see what happens.

I was so excited! I could feel light cramps and knew labour was coming, all night I had irregular contractions but I told myself my body is just allowing me to sleep first then it’ll all happen tomorrow on the 21st March, my Grandmas no birthday. I woke up and as I started to get Grace and Ivy ready for school and nursery the surges started. I was so excited I said to Rob please don’t go to work, take the girls to school and nursery, I’ll get my bags ready and get on the ball to “rotate to dilate” a little more before calling to say we’re coming in. I called my mum and went through what times to collect the girls and that we would swing by her work to drop off carseats for her shortly.

At 11.30am Rob helped me put on my Tens machine and we got into the car and headed up to the consultant led birthing unit at our local hospital. Rob had to wait in the car until I was assessed and at 2pm we were both led to a small side room and told that is where we would be staying until I reach 5cm but to make it homely and make it my own, which we did We love lavender spray. I changed into my loungewear and slippers and got cosy whilst still using my Tens machine to manage contractions. I kept moving from all fours to the ball, telling myself “rotate to Dilate” and “knees in, calves out” - learnt from following various Doulas and Hynpobirthing course’s I had taken part in.

We stayed in that little room until around 7pm when I was next checked and almost 7cm! The consultant wanted a word and decided to scaremonger me one last time into “it’s not too late for a c-section” and “do you know the risks”? I reeled off just a few and some statistics in which he was a little taken aback and said very well lets go break your waters and see what happens…. I was feeling so overwhelmed at this point the surges were still manageable on just my Tens machine alone and Hypnobirth breathes but I started to remember what happened when they broke my waters with Grace and the midwife shift was about to change again and that’s exactly when things went downhill in Grace’s birth, but I had my wobble, I met my new midwife, I had a cry to her and she reassured me, she built me back up, she made me feel in control all over again and we made a pact to prove that consultant wrong! My biryh

The consultant broke my waters around 9pm ( it was super busy so we had to wait a little while which gave me chance to meet and get to know my new midwife and become familiar with room which smelt of bleach and felt cold and surgical everything I didn’t want) I was on a continuous CTG by consultant orders but my midwife was allowing me to move as much as I could and encouraged us to make the room our own, she put the mood light on and we sprayed some lavender to mask the hideous bleach smell. I relaxed in a sitting position and by this point was using gas and air and with each surge imagining the waves in Mexico rolling in and out in and out of the shore and the sunset beach walks in Kos.

Before we knew it around 11.40pm the midwife said I was 10cm and when I felt the urge I could begin to use my surges to bare down and push. She said don’t wait for me, just push if you need to and shout for me. She had really read my birth plan and respected my wishes, despite not wanting a highly medicalised birth I did expect it and so I packed enough cosy home comforts to make it a little less sterile and cold. I knew my hospital being old fashioned likely didn’t have portable CTGS but the wires were long enough luckily to move about and I aways imagined I’d birth on all fours but my position of favour was sitting upright on the edge of the bed or bending over.

Honestly everything felt so manageable until this stage but the pushing really knocked me, I felt like I didn’t know what I was doing, I’d focused and practiced so much on getting to the all important 10cm and having the best pelvic positions to get baby down and into the birth canal that I didn’t think about the final stage, I just thought my body would know what to do.

Two hours of pushing on surges, A poo and a haemorrhoid later, I had lost all energy, I began to beg to be cut, I was begging for help and crying in a heap at the end of the bed feeling so disappointed in myself because I’d gotten so close but felt so weak.

My midwife was incredible she said to me this isn’t what you want, come on your so close he’s only 2cm away from being born and in the best position possible. The Dr on shift came and said the same thing, they all urged me to really try, they spent a further 30 minutes trying to encourage my exhausted self to push but Alfie started to get a little stressed and his heart rate rose slightly so they said its too late for a c section your going to push this baby out and we’re going to give you a little help, they popped my legs up into stirrups, and using forceps and a contraction I pushed as hard as I’ve ever pushed in my life and his little head was out! That relief! Waiting for the next contraction to push his body felt like a lifetime and my legs were trembling but it came and he was here, I’ll never forget that sound and the feel of this wriggling little beetroot coloured baby being placed on my chest. Our Alfie Peter James was born at 02:40am on the 22/03/22 weighing 7lb 5oz.

I did it!! I had a little help but I still did it! I pushed my baby out and he was perfect! Not a forceps mark in sight ( my biggest worry) the Dr and midwife took it in turn to stitch me up as I had to be cut for the forceps to enter, after 1 hour of stitching I remember telling the midwife and Rob I felt unwell, I was sick and fading in and out like I was fainting. I came around and Rob was asleep in a corner wearing my dressing gown and Alfie was dressed and in the plastic cot next to me and we were all still in the birth suite. The midwife explained I’d lost 2 litres of blood and needed two units of blood via transfusion and she had fitted a catheter as I’d be unable to walk to the loo for a while and would need to stay on HDU for a while until my blood levels came up.

I felt a little shell shocked, I thought everything had gone well, despite the forceps which I actually begged for, I knew before trying to birth naturally that I’d likely tear because it was technically my first delivery and I’d bought all the expert midwife spritz for bitz range and baggy loungewear, big knickers and epsom salts in preparation but I didn’t expect to haemorrhage or need a blood transfusion. By the end of the day I was transferred to a ward to stay the night before we were both discharged home. Despite the stitches and a huge haemorrhoid I need surgically removing I do think recovery has been kinder than my C section births and I definitely feel proud of myself for pushing to get the birth I so badly wanted! It just goes to show I don’t think any birth is easy or without a few stitches, haemorrhoids or some form of unpleasantness but it’s so worth it for our beautiful babies!

I can’t thank the midwives enough for the support and encouragement they gave, it was a surreal moment having midwives come and meet me because I was the patient that just had a vaginal birth after two C-sections and the patient that stood up to the consultant! If anyone reading this is thinking of a Vbac, please feel free to drop me a message! follow accounts that will empower you and build you up! know your birthing rights, your birth, your choice! and most importantly believe in your body!

Here’s come accounts who inspired me, who shared information to help me push for the birth I wanted:

Megg xx


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