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NUK part 1

Its always been impossible to get Grace to eat anything green, NUK kindly send us their Annabel Karmel food masher to try and Its fantastic! So it looks like a small bowl with a potato masher, Its designed for babies 6 months + to help with weaning, I used it to hide peas into mash potato to go with Grace's grilled Salmon dinner and it worked! because she couldn't pick out the peas or noticed them as clearly she ate them all! I have also tried it with porridge oats, milk and berries ( she loves berries) and it was great, saves so much time too. I wish I had this back when Grace was weaning, Using a blender was okay but the washing up & mess drove me crazy.

What Did I like about the Food masher?

I liked that it is small and lightweight, you can pack it into the changing bag and use on the go. I like that it means I can hide veggies in my daughter meals ( mum 1 - Grace 0) I also like that it was in partnership with Annabel Karmel a very famous author of some fantastic Baby weaning books, so if your weaning or thinking about starting check her out I will leave a link at the bottom of the page :)

Would I recommend?

Its a yes from me and a saving Grace for all you parents with fussy eaters or beginning your weaning journey! Love love love it!

Where can I buy it?

You can purchase from : just £4.99

Check out best selling author of baby and children's food & nutrition books Annabel Karmel :

Good luck on your weaning adventures mums and dads its one of my favourite stages, Any questions do feel free to drop me a message.


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