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NUK part 2

If you liked my review of NUK's s food masher you will love this sippy cup! NUK kindly sent us this beautiful cup along with the food masher to review as I said I would like something different to the usual cups every child has and you often dont know whose is whose. This cup really stands out so we will not have that problem again at soft play hell.

Bunny kiddy cup & Food Masher

This cup is called the Bunny kiddy cup and it is super girly and cute, but thats not why I love it. It has a clip on the side to attach onto your changing bag or clip onto your trousers or wherever you wish to clip it to! Game changer! not seen one of those before and It is so handy when your carrying a 12kg toddler to bed to clip it onto your jeans and leave your hands free to carry other important items like dummies, favourite muslin or book.

That's not all, It has a lid that clips into the side so it doesn't get lost... All my cups that have lids somehow lose their lids ( I am sure my sofa comes alive and eats dummies and lids )

Oh and the most important thing? Its leak proof! hallelujah I have found my perfect Sippy cup, It holds a whopping 330ml and is designed for babies aged 12 months plus.

Grace adores her new cup

What did I like about my Bunny sippy cup?

I dont like - I love it! I love the clip, I love the capacity, Grace drinks like a fish and I am forever filling up her smaller cups! I love that is has an attachable lid, It is pink, Its cute and its lightweight for little hands. It is leak proof and its really easy to wash, I have used it for over a week now and it has not faded, It washes up as new.

Would I recommend it?

Go get one! What are you waiting for! GO GO GO - No but seriously its a lovely, unique cup and it does come in Blue with cute penguins.

Where can I get one? just £5.49 its on par with the likes of Tommee Tippee and Munchkin.

Clipped on to my mum bag :)

I hope you liked this review mums & dads, I seriously love this cup & have used NUK products since Grace was teeny weeny so highly recommend them, dont believe me? take a look for yourselves :) I would love to hear others feedback -


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