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Onco very kindly sent us their bamboo toothbrushes and melody changing bag to review for you all and here it is! The Onco melody changing bag is amazing! I am not just saying that, I love it! It is black with the logo embossed onto the front, It has gold zips and so many pockets it is the Narnia of all changing bags. I comes with a baby changing mat, a separate pouch to keep belongings as well as having clips for the pram pr stroller, insulated bottle pockets and best of all it is a rucksack so hands free. Let me show you...

What do I like about the Melody changing bag?

AS you can see it fits enormous amounts, This is only half full! I love that it clips onto the stroller as well as a buggy, That is a real must have for me as I cannot stand it when your changing bag wont fit onto the stroller or vice versa and it ends up being scrunched into the basket. I love the design, it is simple yet stylish, It doesn't scream 'mum bag' if I didn't have a toddler chanting 'mummy mummy' everywhere I go you would not even know it was a changing bag! I love the sheer size and the amount of compartments, parenting is messy business and sometimes you really do not want things touching other items if you know what im getting at. (poop explosions, soiled clothes, etc) I like how strong it is, this is a changing bag for life not just for 3 months before the handles begin to snap from carrying the kitchen sink out with you and anything else you might need. The shoulder straps are very padded meaning it doesn't pull on you and cause irritation, I had a changing bag rucksack that did and it hurt so much by the time I got home.

Would I recommend the melody changing bag?

Yes, Yes and well go see for yourselves its fantastic!! it is £45 in the sale at the moment on the Onco website so a real bargain.

Where Can you buy the Melody Changing bag?

Head over to in sale too! Well worth £45 I have not known a bag like it and I have had 3/4 designer changing bags in the last 18 months due to them breaking or fading but this one is a keeper.

Onco Bamboo toothbrushes!

They come as a set of 4 -yellow, pink, blue and green. They are biodegradable and come packaged solely in recyclable materials. The brush heads are small enough for children's teeth and soft enough not to hurt them. Grace loves to clean her teeth and had lots of fun using a different coloured brush each night.

What do we like about Onco bamboo brushes?

I like that they are super soft nylon heads yet still clean efficiently. I love that they are biodegradable and the packaging is also recyclable. I like the different colours in the pack, it makes it fun and inviting for little ones to clean their teeth rather than a chore.

Would I recommend Onco Bamboo toothbrushes?

We would definitely recommend to all our friends and to you reading this, I find these toothbrushes some of the softest we have tried and Grace seems to have taken to them just look at that grin.

Where Can you buy Onco Bamboo toothbrushes?

Again you can buy these from for just £7.99 which is a real treat for the quantity & quality you receive but the peace of mind to know they are helping the environment too.

I hope you enjoyed my review of Onco baby goods, do check out their website as they cater for all baby and toddler needs and stock a range of brands as well as their own and they have some brilliant sale prices.



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