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Paultons park

We were so kindly given tickets to Paultons Park on August 26th to explore the park and we were so excited as it is home to Peppa Pig World! We drove up that morning , a fairly smooth 4 hours for us and arrived around 11.30am, it was very well organsied considering it was bank holiday monday, no large ques at the entrance or toilets or kiosks. Once inside Rob and I commented on how green it was! I dont think either of us excpected it to be so clean and so many shaded grass areas to sit, we saw so many families having picnics and enjoying time out from the sun as it was close to 30 degrees! The programme board was easy read and everywhere was so well signposted. We headed to Peppa World and stopped to ride the traditional carousel on the way which only had a 2 minute que if that! Fantastic!

Once inside Peppa World it was alot busier but to be expected, it was bank holiday monday, school holidays and a heatwave! We let Grace choose her first ride which was Grandpas train ride we qued for just 10 minutes before getting on and then onto the car ride followed by the dinosaur ride. We got some lovely photos from the rides and found the photo book system so reasonable! For £25 you got 4 photos and 4 digital prints rather than £10 a photo! Best part was you have a year to use it so worth it if you have a two day pass of plan to come again!

The food & drink was reasonable also, you could take a picnic but we chose to get Grace a kids lunch box and daddy pigs pizza for Rob and I Followed by the best icecream donuts You must try these!!

Some of the ques early afternoon reached a 40 minute wait time so we made our way to “muddy puddles” peppas splash area, we read up before we travelled so knew to pack a wetsuit for Grace and towel. The children loved it!! Such a good idea, I went in with Grace in the hope of getting a little splash to cool down in the heat. lots of nice shaded areas in the park where the splash area is located too so a great spot to chill out after a few rides or on a hot day.

Toilets! So one of the best things for me was the toilets, I have never been to a theme park so well catered for toddlers and small children! The toilets had built in toddler seats which was brilliant for Grace now shes potty trained, the sinks were lower and taps easy to reach Plus they were fairly clean!

although we did not need them now I did notice the fantastic facilities for baby changing and feeding around the park which we will need next time we come with the baby on the way!

By the time we had finished at the park & splash area it was 4pm and we walked past them setting up for Peppa and Geprge meet and greet so jumped in before the que built up, no pushing or long ques within 10 minutes we had met Peppa and George and had photos taken by the park photographer and our own camera, Such a lovely experience for little ones Grace just wanted to high five Peppa the entire time or hug her which was adorable! The time for the meet and greets is clearly signposted on the time table as you enter ad around the park, as well as other shows and character meets.

By the time we finished our meet & greet we noticed the park was alot quieter, we made full use and went on every ride left in Peppa World and waited just 10 minutes for each, We loved the Queens carriage ride and the hot air balloons were Grace’s favourite we went on twice followed by ice creams all round and a slush puppy to cool down again.

The whole of Peppa World was so modern, clean and well kept we were so impressed and the amount of lovely places for photo opportunities were brilliant! We went inside Peppas house and the School room as well as the duck pond and saw Peppas camper van and Grandpas house. I would highly recommend taking a camera to capture some gorgeous pics of your families and little ones.

Once we had finished in Peppa World it was almost time for the park to close we had time to stop and ride the viking boat and carousel once more before making our way to the gift shop to let Grace choose something to remember her day, to our suprise she chose a peppa colouring book set with stickers and pens! Getting out of the park at peak time was a doddle! No ques or congestion at all it was all so well organised from start to finish and this was on a bank holiday! I imagine at off peak its fantastic too! We cannot wait to go again it truly was a great day!

You need more than a day though I would get the two day pass in future. We stayed in Novotel Southampton just 15 minutes drive away and in central Southampton with a nice family friendly swimming pool, kids menu and walking distance to restaurants and West Quay shopping centre.

Thank you Paultons for a fantastic day out and see you again soon!

Top tips;

-get a hotel to make a mini break of it if travelling over 3 hours.

- pack swimwear and towels

-picnic blankets

-save your favourite rides till last to avoid que times

-get the £25 photopass

Hope you enjoy as much as we did!!

- Megg, Rob, Grace and bump!


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