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Postnatal recovery

Postpartum recovery is a tough one no matter how you have given birth, our bodies spent 9 months creating and growing a new life, our organs have been moved and been under pressure, our bodies have had to carry all that extra weight, our feet and hands swell and grow, our stomaches stretch and even those who have the simplest, least complicated births may experience stretch marks, back ache, saggy skin or hair loss.

Ivy was born by planned c section on 31st October 2019 after a hard pregnancy I was just riddled with aches and pains and suffered awfully with SPD. So there was me thinking second C section, I know how it all works and how to heal and will be good as new... I wasnt. In fact Im still not 12 weeks later, my core strength is horrendous I am so weak, I can barely lift my 2 year old daughter

and my back is agony from the spinal every evening but bad posture is also to blame. Although I don’t have hair loss or a saggy stomach I do have bew stretch marks and a mum tum, My stomach is nothing close to its previous shape pre pregnancy and is still numb.

So I took some steps to help speed up recovery because with Grace and my emergency C section I was healed and back to myself within 6 weeks, and 12 weeks feels so long to suffer with these symptoms. My biggest change I have made was to get a support belt for my stomach and waist from Lola & Lykke. It not only helps your stomach regain its previous shape, but helps your core recover and encourages better posture. I have been wearing it a week now and already noticed a difference, I feel supported and held up straight, My stomach has started to change shape slightly and my jeans feel looser around the “C section pouch” you know what I mean if you have had one! would I recommend one? Absolutely if you have had a c section or natural delivery I highly recommend one of these belts from Lola & Lykke, they do a beautiful new mum gift box with washable breast pads, the support belt and every mums best friend - buggy clips to attach your shopping, handbag or changing bag. These are perfect for a baby shower gift list or even just the belt on its own.

You can purchase from or check out their Instagram page @lolalykke_formums

Hope this helps lovelies like its helping me! -




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