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Second Trimester

Wow I totally have been meaning to write my second trimester blog for weeks now but I have been so super busy especially now third trimester nesting has kicked in but thats a whole other post coming in well hopefully 8 weeks time!

Weeks 14 - 27 well second Trimester is meant to be the glowy, happy trimester where you feel fantastic! And I did, well most of the time I would forget I was even pregnant especially before the bump appeared fully in week 20 onwards. At 17 weeks we went on our family holiday to Crete and it was fantastic I felt babies first kick when we landed and were waiting to collect our luggage I couldnt believe it because I didnt feel Grace until much later.

The heat really helped my aches and pains which at the time I did not know was the start of SPD but I did refer myself as soon as we got back and was seen pretty fast, I was given excercises to do nightly with Robs help and told to put ice on my pubic bone which really helps!! I was told My right side of my Pelvis keeps displacing and moving upwards and forwards so after being put back into place and a few days of pain it healed and myself and Rob took our baby moon to Rome!

I was able to walk around the entire city pain free and in 40 degree heat, what a city! If you have not been you need to go its beautiful and so romantic, They even had non alcoholic beer So I was able to indulge a little despite being 23/24 weeks pregnant.

I found a love for alcohol free prosecco and amazon do a crate of 6 bottles for just £14.99 which I thought was a bargain! It tastes so good ice cold with strawberries Mmmm!

We attended a baby event at our local mothercare and bought most of our baby essentials this Trimester too! if you go to a mothercare expectant parent event you get 10% off anything in store even if its in sale! I got the chicco next to me crib in grey for £100 and all the sheets & some cute unisex baby grows. Myself and a friend also attended the essex baby show thanks to a lovely blogger mum @_thetwentyisymum who kindly gave away tickets. We met some lovely local businesses and discussed hyponobirthing, cord vitamins and 4D baby scans as well as purchase some fab items from @ethanthefox teething toy and @motherylove tums and boobs oil to prevent stretch marks! Swear by the stuff I discovered on my first trimester after meeting Jan at a baby show in Sandown Surrey.

I entered the @babybondchelmsford prize drawer and won a £50 voucher towards a 4d scan which we used last week it was such a fab experience I recommend to anyone! We did the same with Grace at 28 weeks so it was fun to compare the two babies at the same gestation and both baby bond scans!

My second trimester must haves were quite clearly cake, sweets and popcorn! I ballooned between weeks 24-28 and got a proper bump I could show off rather than hide away because it was easily mistakeable for podge or chub.

I started buying maternity clothes and discovered so many wonderful shops I had not heard of before like Isabella Oliver and Happy Mama Boutique, as well as H&M basics and George asda had some lovely maxi dresses and jumpsuits for the heatwave!

Wow that heatwave! weeks 25-27 it was lush! I enjoyed it so much, I bought a pool and sunbathed every day with Grace dipping in and out the pool, trips to the beach and lots of ice lollies, I got a lovely tan and really felt it helped my SPD but typically the weather turned on my 28th birthday after booking a beach hut in Essex but we still had the best time with cake, nosecco, strawberries and sandcastles Followed by a chinese!

My lovely friends and family got my some amazing gifts if your looking to buy for a preggy mum try making goody boxes filled with face masks, bath products, foot masks, tans, sweets, cakes or pregnancy massage vouchers or spa breaks we SO appreciate these! Cannot wait to book my massage Huge thanks to my lovely Hannah soon to be babies godmother and hopefully my Sister in law on day!

I was also lucky enough to be asked to model for a lovely photographer @beautifulcreationsphotography and had my first ever maternity photoshoot, it was daunting at first but she made me feel so relaxed and the photos were so special! I would highly recommend having a maternity photoshoot! its a perfect little keepsake and pick me up if your feeling down about your changing body and shape and a nice way to look back and reflect on how amazing our bodies are Creating these perfect little humans.

well thats pretty much my second trimester summed up, baby events, holidays, sunbathing and cake eating! We LOVE second trimester!

P.S my must have buys:

1. A good pillow!! Highly recommend Dream Geniie or BabyMoov!

2. Maternity shaper pants - fab for chaffing legs and hiding wobbly bits if you live in dresses like me!

3. Ice packs for that pubic bone! Youll thank me in 3rd trimester

4. birthing ball - best to be prepared! Helps with aches and pains too!

5. 4D baby scan! Babybond are fantastic!

6. Maternity photoshoot! Fab keepsake and way to feel gorgeous in your own changing skin

7. Gaviscon! You may or may not be feeling it but I drink the stuff! Heartburn is a bummer!

8.maternity knickers & bras! Nothing worse than outgrowing your favourite set or being stabbed in the ribs by the bra wire! Get measured at m&s or debenhams and invest in a good maternity bra, Ive gone up 2 whole sizes! Primark do a set of two materniy bras for a bargain £10

9. Grab a good stretch mark oil and use daily! I personally love @motherylove tums and boobs designed by midwife Jan it smells lush and so far no stretch marks for me! You can find her on instagram or the products on amazon, free delivery with Prime!

10. Pamper yourself, Grab some lush bathbombs or skinny tan, crate of nosecco or alcohol free gin and tonic and enjoy every minute of 2nd trimester! Its by far my favourite and always one to look back on and see how far your little bump has grown from week 14 to week 27 is such a dramatic change!

Happy pregnancies mamas! 💕


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