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SleepyHead Of Sweden Grand Pod

We were kindly gifted a Sleepyhead Grand pod 9-36 months in neutral buffalo for Grace, It is recommended for napping and sleeping as well as being perfect for travel as it comes with a travel bag and is easily packed away. We had the 0-8 month version when Grace was a bubba. It is fantastic I honestly cannot fault Sleepyhead products and Grace has slept like a dream in both but especially the Grand pod, It fits nicely into her cotbed and the raised sides act as a bumper and have prevented her hitting into the sides of her cot and waking up.

The sleepyhead is used in some hospitals including Bristol and Birmingham , they are used in the infant cardiac wards and neonatal units and provide comfort for poorly babies and for some it is the only way they will settle. Hospitals like the Sleppyhead because the covers are machines washable and they are made from non toxic materials. Sleppyhead have even created some pods which can be used in MRI and CT scans which helps the babies feel more relaxed and supported during their procedures.

So what do we like about the Sleepyhead Grand pod?

I love our Sleepyhead Grand! Grace uses in in her cot bed and travel cot and it stops her bashing into her cot bars and waking herself in the night which in turn has given a very tired pregnant mum a good nights sleep! I find her travel cot is very hard and the Sleepyhead Grand makes it that much more comfortable for Grace, I find she settles alot faster in it too. For me the greatest benefit of the Sleepyhead Grand is that it comes with a carry case and is perfect for travel, We travel alot on holidays or breaks away or even just to stay with family. I took our Sleepyhead Deluxe on the plane with us when Grace was tiny and I will certainly be taking our Grand pod with us on our next holiday in Crete in 2 weeks time! I also love the colours the pods come in I chose neautral Buffalo because it blends in with any decor and it is subtle yet stylish. I love that they are all made from non toxic materials and as breathable as possible.

Would I recommend the Sleepyhead Grand Pod?

Absolutely! Its a real game changer, I love that hospitals use it also and my daughter loves how soft and cosy it is, she settles so much better in it than without it and I have the peace of mind that she's safe from rolling into her cot bars and waking herself up or hitting her head ( she's a real fidget at night) If you travel a lot between relatives and holidays I would certainly check it out and consider purchasing one they are fantastic for on the go and travel cots, you can even just place it on the floor for nap times or for little ones to get comfy.

Where can you buy Sleepyhead Grand Pods?

You can purchase direct from or alternatively from John Lewis or JoJo Mamen Bebe for around £205

So there's my review of our fabulous Sleepyhead of Sweden Grand Pod, we love it and I'm sure you will too! it has so many pros my favourite of which is that is was designed by a mum herself for her own children! do let me know your thoughts and if you get one what you think of it!

- Megg xx


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