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Stickmans baby magnetic locks

Grace is that child that is never full, she can eat for England and always has her hands in the cupboards. I decided to try Stickman's baby magnetic locks as they are stick on locks to stop little hands getting where they shouldn't be and don't require me to drill into the cupboards or screw in any fixings that will later be removed leaving holes and marks. The instructions where very clear step by step, I even fitted it myself! wahoo!

It comes with extra locks so not just for one cupboard, I successfully fitted it to my under sink cupboard first as it contains the nasties that could harm Grace if she was to put them in her mouth. She sat and helped me put the lock on and then tested it for me saying "oh oh mummy" because she couldn't get in. I am keeping the magnet on the fridge/freezer high up so she cannot get hold of it and open the cupboards herself, She is a smart cookie our little Grace she copies my every move.

So what do I love about Stickmans? Its easy to fit even for me! Its simple yet effective and requires no mess or marks. Its friendly family run business started by parents who like us want the best for their children so they created these safety locks.

Would I recommend Stickmans? Oh absolutely! Mamas you need these locks they are fabulous and the lovely people at Stickmans are so friendly and helpful.

Where can you purchase? just £8.50 at the moment in sale - Bargain!


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