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Teething Troubles

Teething is never fun for either parents nor our precious little bundles is it?! I remember Grace was dribbling from 12 weeks old and soaking through dribble bibs, I tried teething toys, cold muslins, frozen milk cubes, and teething granules. luckily for us Grace wasn’t upset with it, although a dribbly messy chops she was still her happy self, it was her top teeth that gave us our first ever sleepless nights at around 8 months old I remember clearly being exhausted, I was just returning to work and Grace would be up all night screaming and there was nothing I could do, I felt so helpless and so heart broken for her by week 3 I was just begging those teeth to break through for my own sanity! 4 weeks in and voila! We had a 9 month old with 4 teethy pegs and she never made a fuss over teeth again, not even her molars.

Fast forward 2.5 years and along comes Ivy, who is now 4 months old and dribbly, red cheeks and cannot keep her fist out of her mouth. So what are we doing for Ivy?! Well here are my top teething tips that worked for Grace and seem to be helping little miss Ivy too!

1. Teetha by Nelsons teething Granules. These are a great homeopathic remedy for teething and come in little sachets, just pop half a sachet onto a teaspoon and try get baby to take it on their gums once its all dissolved you add the second half. Teetha can be used from

3 months so perfect for early teethers and seems to be working a treat for Ivy, you can purchase Teetha at any pharmacy and most major supermarkets.

2. Teething toys, We have used sophie la giraffe both with Grace and now with Ivy and find its perfect to cool, easy to sterilise and hold for babies. However there are loads of other great teethers for all budgets from

brands such as Nuby, Tommee tippee, Gummee Glove,

3. Frozen milk- be that breast or formula, pop a little into an ice cube tray and freeze ( its messy) let them suck on it and rub onto their gums but always supervised and better for older babies than younger I would say.

4. Frozen muslins- pop a damp muslin or cloth into the

freezer and then let baby chomp on it, this worked so well with Grace!

I hope this has helped guys and any questions please just drop a little message! May your teething days be easy and fairly stress free!

take care




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