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The Play Experts!

We were so kindly offered an item from @theplayexperts to choose from so we decided upon a tree swing for Grace, We knew the perfect spot to put it and knew it would create hours and years of fun for Grace and her new sibling when they are older.

It came within 3 days of ordering and the instructions were very simple, we did not need any tools just a 5ft10 daddy and a sturdy tree which we had already picked out. Robert fitted the swing witihin minutes and the big kid he is of course he was the first to test it out! Grace had a go afterwards and her little face lit up! I love tree swings my Grandma has one in her garden and it just reminds me of my childhood, its such a great accesory to any garden or wood where kids can enjoy the outdoors and be kids!

The tree swing was just a mere £24.99 and well worth it! I have attached the link below to check out for yourselves and some pictures of Grace lookig awfully adorable as always enjoying her new swing! I cannot wait to get some beautiful Autumnal shots of her on it with the leaves falling!

Thank you to The Play Experts!


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