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Third Trimester Troubles

Wow what a whirlwind 3 months the third trimester has been! I have felt pretty well in myself but sleep is totally non existant ive spent the last 12 weeks sleeping semi upright covering myself in Lavender oil and cooling patches to try relax into a deep sleep but the irritable legs? No a chance, then theres the snoring boyfriend and the toddler who recently transitioned into a big girls bed and decided to occasionally (usually the nights im having the worst sleep already) to come barging in on me at 5am shouting ”ive got snot mummy” or “i want a wee wee, I want peppa on, its morning time”

The joys of Toddlers hey! Peppa Pig has alot to answer for!

Top Tip: Okay so thats sleep or lack of it! Ive found lavender on an old muslin is amazing though or just burn it before bed to fill the room! I got mine from amazon for £3 on prime! Bargain also get a good pillow! Ive lived with my V shape pillow from Aldi for weeks and cant sleep or nap without it!

Worst symptoms this trimester? Oh gosh where do I begin Heart burn has been hideous! Ive been drinking gaviscon like its juice and chomping on rennees, I lost my appetite for a few weeks around 34/35 weeks pregnant because I felt so squashed by the baby and the acid was coming up so high, Ive been winded by baby twice in the 8th month and both times we almost called an ambulance because it was just so so painful and hard to breathe. The lower back pain and SPD eased slightly towards the end or I just got so used to it I no longer know how if feels to walk without a limp or ripping sensation down my right pelvis and leg. I did find the deep freeze pregnancy patches worked wonders for my back though highly recommend grabbing some!

Thats pretty much been the worst of it, I have found a birth ball helps alot in the evenings when watching Tv and reading but then I need to elevate my feet because kim Ks got nothing on these kankles! I got my birth ball from babygo a fab company you can find them on Amazon too and they now do support belts and I wish I got one sooner what a life saver on those big bump days when babies putting full force of pressure on your “minnie” 😂

So what have we been doing this trimester? Not sleeping or resting thats for sure! We have been to Peppa Pig world with little Grace, We have had numerous trips to the park, beach or crabbing, as well as Diggerland and Pumpkin picking! Crazy I know! I kind of was hoping my waters would break whilst pumpkin picking because I really want to know what that feels like! I had my baby shower at 35 weeks pregnant with a huge thanks to my lovely mummy For all her help and all the wonderful friends and family who came along and spoilt our little bub rotten! I had a flower wall! I felt like a total celeb for the day it was lush! Thanks to on the wall party for the lovely decorations they provided me with too!

I just had to share these!look at those cookies by the lovely colchester tastee! Go give Tia a follow on Instagram she is brilliant!

I left work at 36 weeks pregnant and have just completed the most boring and unrelaxing 4 weeks of maternity leave ever! Who knew lack of routine would totally stress you out? Well It did for me anyway! Grace still goes to the childminder twice a week but only 5 hour days to see her friends and have her time because she loves it there and It would be mean to take that away, it will also give me and baby chance to attend some groups and meet other mums of newborns so win win!

We finally finished faffing with babies nursery and completed it to how I want it 2 weeks ago! Huge thanks to bloomsbury mill for the gorgeous bedding, curtains and muslins! To CBX for our co sleeping Huddle crib Which is just perfect and a brilliant size its very much like the Chicco next to me but I found it easier to setup and it came with a sheet! Always a win! Our beautiful pram arrived and was so so kindly gifted to us by ABC Design, A German brand with some of the most beautiful prams you will see! We have the Salsa Air 4 Diamond edition in Asphalt and its a dream to push, the carry cot is huge for longer useage and its got the biggest tyres! perfect for our rough countryside terrain!

My absolute favourite baby items! The chicco hug 4 in 1 was kindly sent to us also and it set up in the living room as a crib for baby before it turns into a chair and baby can play inside with the lights and music features! It can be elevated to be level with your table, bed or sofa which is brill For me post c section!

The tommee tippee video monitor we were also sent to try and its just what we needed! With Grace we had the older style monitor without a video and this is just amazing im not great with technology but soon got the hang of it and love it! We sat in hysterics one night watching Grace in her cot to try it out.

We have been extremely lucky and are incredibly thankful to all those brands who have send baby and Grace items to try and review and cannot believe just how far my Instagram and blog have taken off! I do work so hard to keep up and keep those reviews and honest parenting content coming for you all, theres so so much ive learnt through social media and so many wonderful opportunities if I can help anyone or give any advice just give me a shout my inbox is always always open!

Well its my due date, im sat here on the bed waiting for my elective c section which is now delayed due to lack of beds in NICU and as a precaution no elective sections can take place just yet, but I am thankful for the hospital staff and treatment we have received so far. Those of you that follow my instagram will have seen we had a stressful set back a few weeks ago and I almost wasnt getting my section today it was orginally given for 41 weeks! Which is crazy and It did send me a little stressed well alot stressed I had a total break down and once I admitted I was still suffering PTSD from Graces birth I was able to get the help and advice to push my section forward and I feel so proud of myself im usually very shy, abit nervy and dont like to make scene but needs must sometimes for the sakes of you and your babys health. I just want to say one last thank you to all my supportive lovely followers who have been on this pregnancy journey with me, to my family & friends who have put up with constant moaning and to all the brands ive been lucky to work with, Especially you @thebirthbag! Your bag is incredible its here by my side as I type this and I cannot wait to use it!

Wish me luck guys!!! The next you will hear from me will be my birth announcement & story! Who will baby martin 2 be? Boy or Girl? See you on the other side of parenthood a mother of two!! Two babies!!

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