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We’re expecting! AGAIN!

Guys! If life in the Martin household wasn’t crazy enough with Grace starting school and Ivy turning into a fully fledged toddler we went and made another baby! oh and we got married Too! Gosh ive been absent a hot minute I know! But I’m back with the blogs I promise!

So this baby wasnt planned,but not a total shock either it was just a little sooner than we imagined and got to stick around for our weddin! A big wedding at 19 weeks pregnant was differen, not what I imagined but absolutely beautiful all the same! We danced all night much to the disgust of my SPD and Grace and Ivy had the best time before passing out asleep in travel cots ( so cute!)

So we also did a thing… we announced babies gender at the wedding to 100 of our nearest and dearest by cutting the wedding cake to reveal… A BOY!! Our final family member is a boy! Rob’s no longer outbumbered and has an allie and I’m growing a little man with a willy! Ive been told little boys like to widdle on their mums during changes so I am mentally preparing myself for that!

We are due early March and if you follow my Instagram yo will see were slowly starting to prepare for little mans arrival and I’ll be sure to show you my Favvy baby buys! as for names? We like 6 so its not going great, in all honesty he probably won’t be named until he’s born I need to see that squashy little face first!

Thanks for all your baby & wedding well wishes guys it never goes unnoticed!

megg xx


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