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We're having a baby!!

we spoke about trying early January and we never really started trying as such but clear as day 24th February were 2 red lines on the first response in front of me... Blimey that was quick! Were having another baby! I cried this time round happy tears, with Grace it was shocked and scared tears. I called Rob and told him the good news and we both laughed at how different the reaction was this time around. I estimated I was 2-3 weeks and so didn't think much more about it until after my midwife booking in and my scan dates confirmed. I had my first Scan days after we travelled to Disneyland and waited for the all clear before posting the announcement picture we took in front of Disney's castle.

I don't remember first trimester being so, well to be frank so shit! I have hated every moment this time around and could not wait to hit second trimester. I suffered with sickness every morning from 5 weeks till 11 weeks. I also gained 10lb in that short space of time, I would feel so ill in the mornings so I wouldn't eat and then by lunch onwards I binged on anything and everything in sight. I got spotty, I looked bloated and I felt so tired and sick all day every day. I convinced myself it must be a boy for the reason that I never felt any of the above with Grace, in fact I didn't find out I was pregnant until I was 9/10 weeks with Grace. Now I sound so ungrateful and I'm not, although first trimester has been a struggle I still thank my lucky stars for this second little bundle of joy!.

At 14 weeks I had my 12 week scan and my goodness this baby looks so different to Graces Scan another reason I'm convinced baby is a boy, although we will not be finding out, Robert wants a surprise this time and I have to honour that as he let me find out with Grace and have a gender reveal. I feel so much better this trimester, my bloating's gone, the spots have gone and I feel more human with so much more energy and more importantly no sickness!! hurray! I had my first consultant appt this week to discuss birth plans and the pros and cons of another c section or Vbac. Personally I want to try for a Vbac but I am under limitations and it solely depends on babies size and whether or not he/she comes on time as they have booked me a scheduled c section for my due date as I'm not allowed to go over due with this baby unless there are clear signs of labour at 39 weeks, Its all a little scary thinking about birth after such a traumatic time with Grace but I already feel a lot after in the hands of NHS Suffolk midwives and I know they will do their very best to help and support me whatever birth route we go down.

I haven't really bought anything yet for baby as its early, I know I already had half of Mothercare by now with Grace but this time I know what I want and I'm waiting a little longer before purchasing but top of my list are the Chicco next to me crib, Tommee Tippee prep machine and Bugaboo Chameleon 3 plus in classic grey and black frame. I have bought some super cute Guess how much I love you baby grows though and a cute one from Joules! My nanny is knitting pieces for baby and has her friends on the case with blankets and cardigans for me, I adore hand knitted items especially for a winter baby!

So that's my little announcement! although most of you already knew and this blog post is sooo late but I've only just regained my energy and found time to start blogging again :)

I will keep you updated with the rest of second trimester soon! p.s Nub theories? feel free to send me your guesses! so far ive had 75% boy gueses and a few 'leaning girl' guesses,

- Megg xx


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