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I am always looking for new snacks for Grace, she eats me out of house & home, I have never known a child to eat so much. I researched healthy snacks and reached out to Whitworth's who sent us some samples of their range to try.

We were sent Whitworth's Sunny raisins both a small pack and large pack, Sunny dunked yogurt coated raisins and Sunny fruit mix ups.

picking a Whitworths treat

I let Grace pick her first Whitworths treat after nursery and she chose the Sunny fruit mix ups and sat and ate the entire bag whilst watching Cbeebies. She loved them and even bought one for me to try, very moreish and fruity! A big hit with us both.

Throughout the week I let Grace try the Sunny raisins and Sunny yogurt coated raisins which both went down a treat, Grace loves raisins so it was no surprise to me the yogurt covered ones were the clear favourite as they are not only her usual favourite snack but her favourite snack covered in a sweet coating that looks like 'choc choc' as she would say.

Our treat tin ft Whitworths Sunny range

What did I like about Whitworths?

I liked that the snacks we tried are a healthier alternative in moderation to chocolate or crisps and yet Grace still ate them and even asked for 'more mummy. I like the brightly coloured packaging as it stands out and lets be honest shopping when your tired and with a screaming toddler everything blurs into one so if its bright and stands out its a winner.

Would I recommend Whitworths Sunny range?

Absolutely! I think they are a must have in every mum and dads bribes tin or snack cupboard. Whitworths is a well known household name and gives us parents faith and trust in their products but dont just take my word for it, have a look at the ingredients and try the Sunny range for yourselves - I keep stealing the yogurt raisins shh :)

Where can I buy?

your local supermarkets stock Whitworths and Sunny products usually in packs of 5 down the dried foods aisles, I have recently purchased more Sunny yogurt covered raisins and original raisins from Tesco.

For more information on Whitworths products visit

Which one to pick?


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