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You got it Mama!

Parenting is hard. No one will tell you any different its no walk in park, it comes more naturally to some than others but truth be told its a learning curve in life, your children teach you more than you teach them, ive learnt so much in Grace's first two years of life, patience, how to change a shitty nappy in 2 seconds flat without a single spillage,.. im joking but I have learnt to truly love and appreciate the little things, I like to think I know my daughter very well now and I am happy to continue raising her the way I feel best. I like the Montessori theories and life lessons, I believe it is better to show them the consequences of their actions rather than nag and tell them, the other day grace wanted her shoes off and it was raining, she insisted so I let her walk to my nanny's front door with no shoes on... the result? her feet got wet and dirty and she didn't like it so she asked "shoes on now please mummy" has she wanted to do it since? nope. everyone parents differently and this is our way and it works!

Ive seen so much mum bashing on social media lately, Nothing ever gives one parent the right to criticise another parents choices, I have seen mums belittle and criticise others for their choice in car seat, nappies, feeding and its disgusting, I hate those people they are more than likely hypocrites because news flash people there is no such things as a perfect parent! there truly is not and believe me we are all just winging it hoping for the best! some of us are lucky and have really well behaved children others dont, some have disabilities and some are super intelligent or super active, If anyone criticises your parenting or choices you know my advice? tell them to get stuffed and go about your day with a smile because you got this mama!

I grew up in the early 90's, an era when most car seats forward faced, kids sat on booster seats and it was 'cool' to sit in the front seat of mums car on the way to school, in fact so cool we argued like cat and dog over it ( me and my brother and sister) Some cars did not even have middle seatbelts! shock horror the mum police reading this are cringing and feeling like they want to explode in an angry health and safety rage ... breathe. We grew up playing outdoors, climbing trees, getting grazed knees and making mud pies - I think I even ate a worm once, my point being? im alive, im a decent human being as are my friends and family also bought up in an era that lacked excessive health and safety regulations everywhere that seem to be causing this mum bashing. My child forward faces in her isofix carseat something my parents never had with me I had a booster seat when I was Graces age, Im not apologising for it and I certainly wont be criticised for it. I feed my daughter macdonalds sometimes and She loves ice cream and sweeties. she doesn't get them daily but I wont deprive her of them shes offered or been well behaved. Im her mother and I will raise her as I see fit, Shes a healthy, caring sweet girl and Im super proud of her!

I didn't really breastfeed Grace and Im not planning to with baby 2 but that doesn't mean im against it, in fact I admire those mothers who breastfeed and those who express your super women and your amazing! I choose to use disposable nappies and that is okay its my choice, I dont comment on or abuse mums who reuse their nappies that is non of my business as long as the babies happy who cares what nappies they shit in, Who cares whether its a bottle or boob or whether they are carried in a sling or pushchair.

Mums out there do you, do your parenting your way and dont let anyone tell you otherwise!

Peace xx



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