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Zimpli kids Gelli bath & Slime bath

We were lucky to be sent some goodies from Zimpli Kids including the famous Gelli baff and Slime baff.

We tried the Princess pink Gelli Baff first, I followed the instructions provided and and filled the bath to 4cm high with warm water then sprinkled in the princess Gelli baff powder. It said it could take up to 15 minutes but only took 5 minutes with a little stirring and voila! we had Gelli! I must admit I rather liked the feel and decided as it states from 3 year + I would get in with Grace and have her on my lap in case she slipped. (We did a skin test before trying as she has very sensitive skin to and no reaction) At first she didn't really like the texture and I decided we would get out. To dissolve the Gelli all I had to do was add another powder and give it a little stir and it was almost back to water consistency so I could just let it down the plug hole. It was pretty messy but cleaned up with a spritz of the shower and washed all remaining bits of Gelli away.

Princess Pink Gelli Baff

Secondly we tried the glitter slime baff. Grace had a friend round so I decided to make it up in the washing up bowl for them to play in as it has a great Sensory aspect. I followed the instructions and added the water, sprinkled the powder and it became slime almost instantly, It was very pretty and the girls were playing in it nicely for ages before adding toys and cups to the mix. If the weather had been warmer I would have added it to our water table and let the girls play with it outside. Definitely an idea for summer and warmer days as its a fantastic sensory play. I did however have a little accident and spill some on a rug and I panicked thinking it would stain as it is really sticky and slimey however it came out in the wash which was fantastic,

Phoebe playing with the Glitter Slime

What do we love about Gelli Baff and Gelli Slime Baff?

It is easy to set up and a fantastic Sensory play product. I thoroughly enjoyed playing with it and having that special time with Grace. I liked that It washed out of my rug and anywhere else we got it and it does not stain. It washed out of the bath easily and doesn't clogg up the drains. I think the packaging and bright colours are fantastic and it really captures the attention of little ones. It is non irritant and has not upset Grace's Skin and she suffers with Eczema and flares up easily so thats' fantastic news for us and we will continue to use it in the future, It really bought out the child in me.

Would I recommend Gelli Baff and Gelli Slime Baff?

I would recommend to parents with older children above 3 years for the bath and for those younger I would recommend as a sensory product to use in bowls, or tubs they can put their hands in and feel the textures and see the bright colours, I think it is great fun for children to do as group or with friends, Grace and Phoebe loved playing with the Slime together.

Where Can I get Gelli Baff and similar products?

Argos, Amazon and Smyths toys all sell Zimpli kids Gelli Bath and similar products, starting at just £4.65 for Princess Gelli Baff and £4.99 for the glitter slime baff they have a huge range of products out their to give our kiddies hours of fun, perfect for this time of year when its dark and cold outside.


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